Sunday, 29 January 2017


On the Republic Day, President, Shri Pranav Mukherjee, emphasise the need of multiculturalism and its protection. He was highly worried about multiculturalism. Islamic and Naxal terrorism, cross-border terrorism, unemployment, farmer’s suicide, etc., were all secondary or nothing for him.

Constitutionally, India is a secular country and all are equal. There will be no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, region, language and gender. But the reality is this that at every step there is communalism and casteism. Even constitution of India and Indian Justice System also recognise casteism and communalism. In admissions, appointments, promotions, elections, scholarships, grants, trade and commerce etc., etc., there is caste or religion. Indian secularism, social justice and equality are the worst type of farce and fraud with the people.

We have been carried away by this new type of virus in the name of multiculturalism. It was not the skullcap that secularists proudly un-wore; it was the sacred thread. And they all want to marry a Brahmin or Rajput girl, not a poor sweeper girl. But seriously, nobody today is getting their point “own-trumpet-blowing.” Secularists and social justice brand traders claim that they are cool, casteless, secular and non-violent crusaders. But they are very violent, rowdy, communal and divisive. Actually, they must have the desire to be born a Brahmin. And in their younger days, they must have been beaten up by their fellow comrades and crusaders for their old-Brahmin ways, because Brahmanism is still considered star up ideologue’s cashing for putting their neo-Brahmin opponents on the defensive (a trick used by cunning Raj-era missionaries and debauch Moguls). So deciding to take the Bull by the horn, these pseudo turned anti-Cow, bashed Brahmanism even more ruthlessly than Moguls the great, explained to them why they are not like those older Brahmins, applied for exemption for themselves from their regularly scheduled program of Brahmin-bashing and pleaded to be taken into their Leftwing fraternity as one among the equals. If this is how it all played out, it is absolutely a fraud by their anti-Brahmin caste-less-ness.

Today, all the Muslims, Christians and Sikhs want nation and Hindus to be secular. They want to enjoy all the benefits and privileges under this sun on the bias of their dear religion. They want to have Communal Civil Codes, Communal Institutions, Communal Budgets, Communal States, Communal Reservations and what not. Now it is a secular and intellectual fashion to lay a claim to victimhood and lay out the blame on Hindus or their caste system. Here all blame Hindu practices. In this secular nation, no one knows the truth but all the secularists can smell Hindus for all the evils. This notion demonises the Hindus. There are Harry idiot labelers and name-callers in the whole nation who can dish it out and can also take it. All want Hindus to be secular and Brahmin as caste-less but these self-styled secularists and socialists want to gulp the entire world’s pleasure in the name of religion and caste. Even rich and well of among then do not want to share or rather deny very ruthlessly all the benefits which they already gulped without any merit to their poor and not so well off brethren.

If you get up before dawn, has a glass of cow’s milk, prays to the sun god, perform Surya Namaskar and begins scanning cyberspace for that day’s honest work it is communal and Brahmanism.

Now a new secular trend has emerged. Now all specialise and adore caste and religion. Now all sociologists see caste as human beings. All excludes favorite castes from this caste-profiling but all attack upper caste and favorite castes love is a favorite on the TV channels those fetch easy bucks and vote banks like SC, ST, OBC, Muslims etc. Whenever these channels manufacture one of those top-ten lists, (“Top Ten Bollywood Item Songs in Indian History”), they are bound to have pride of the place as resident expert on history.

What caste does the surname “Yadav” suggest to you? How about “Paswan”? “Jatav”? “Thorat”? “Valmiki”? “Maurya”? “Shinde”? See what it means? Our casteless secularism and socialism never call any of his media and publishing buddies out by their caste! This nation is dominated not just by quota -castes, but by baba-log types who got there for reasons other than skill and merit, and the scholars have nothing to say about it all simply because it is not in their professional interest. Surprising, no?

It is not hypocrisy, but nation’s wholesale obliviousness to it, simply irritating. How can anyone be so thick-skinned! He caste-profiles you only if you are a detractor, not if you’re a useful pal or a media acolyte! There is one very common claim that such and such caste had been exploited by such and such caste for centuries and centuries. No other scientific research or truth. Only for breaking Hindus and breaking Hindustan.

If one is looking for the mandatory Narendra Modi mention, you will find it here. It is a secular and intellectual fashion to abuse Modi. Modi abusing is a big industry in this nation like Brahmin bashing for Dalits. They make the loud claim that the Hindutva type patriots lack humanism. To abuse Hindutva type nationalism is a scholarly character. If a person is in saffron-colored, vermilion on his forehead, knowledge Shikha (choti) on his head, sacred thread around his body, secularist laugh. But skull cap, burqa, triple talaq, nikah, beard, Roza, namaz, communal civil code etc., all are religious and secular. What is this taunt at? That they are fanatic but you are liberal tolerant intellectual guy lived in the US. But secularists and socialists are the caste ‘New’ but perverted Brahmin themselves, however, is not obliged to boycott The Fanaticism, which remains firmly under rotten Brahmin call control. This is called ABCD malaise means ‘American Breed-ed Corrupt Desi.’ The nation is in the grip of such ABCD intellectuals.

Now it is most interesting because — guess it — if it bears a resounding caste name. Because of Quota Caste Name = comprehensive insider knowledge on the socio-economic-cultural background of the name’s owner. It is like a secular exhibition. Anybody vocal in support of caste and communal quotas receives his share of excellence. They can claim to be an equal to any of the intellectual giant: that an important person unburdens one of the needs to restrain himself from out-trolling trolls. What excuse do intellectual giants have? Given how they quote from the false past at length, and how, in fact, they have preserved them over the years (to put them all into a book!), in reality, they are like these “Taliban fundamentalist groups”.

Another explanation for quota passion for such caste attacks is that they are merit hater. The Internet made communication easy. Right from its inception, the net carried a free-for-all spirit. Quota lover people quickly got accustomed to the communication model of the so-called theories of exploitation and develop full-fledged hate work around its pitfalls. Those who could not face this caste mine-field bitterly bitch about it, as if it is a calamity only they flew with it.

Another one is that patriots lack wisdom. Look at Arun Shourie, Subramanian Swamy, Shiv Khera, Chandan Mitra, Chetan Bhagat, Shobha Dey, Pritish Nandy, Balbir Punj, etc. to learn how real intellectuals deal with trolling. They ignore it as the messiah of self-styled downtrodden. They always abuse likes of Shourie, Swamy, Khera, Chandan Mitra, Pritish Nandy, Tarun Vijay by labelling them as no secular or anti- social justice.

From the very beginning, they are taught to hate Hindus and Brahmins. They are recruited by the left-wing groups. They feel that who so ever abuses Hindus and Hindustan are more attractive to them and heirs of “intellectual” superiority. In every meeting, seminar and conference some “class enemy” or the other was roundly condemned in colourful revolutionary jargon.

It is a common feature to see the Hindutva guy ever cropping up as a target of those weekly ritual condemnations because it had no local presence and was insignificant. But in St Stephens, St Xavier, Presidency, JNU, AMU, and in Calcutta, where such elements practice secularism and quota justice like all up-and-coming intellectual stars of the time, the Hindutva dude must have been a favourite target of laughter show. Though they claim to be no longer Hindu caste-ist, but old influences die hard. Time was when the leftwing cabal wielded the power to promote points of view with certifications and suppress them with ridicule and disapproval. The Internet and other developments have put paid to that dominance. This is what, I believe, is driving their rage. The selectively-quoted excerpts are a stereotyping ruse; they are the scotch-sipping neo-Brahmin’s excuse for hating the cow-milk-drinking menial.

Perhaps President Pranab Mukherjee has this multiculturalism in mind.