Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Islamic Islands in India: Threat to India

The Islamic state Islamic State (IS), better known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Daesh, is always in the news in India. It is very popular among Indian Muslims. Recently US dropped Mother of all Bombs in Afghanistan to kill IS terrorists. Reports also came in that in that US bombing a number of Indian IS terrorists were also killed. But in India, nobody has the guts to speak against Islamic terrorism due to vote banks politics. It was also reported that Telangana police has been trying hard to entice and entrap the IS sympathisers who might join the dreaded terror group ISIS. This is enough to prove the seriousness of the challenge posed by IS to Indian peace and national security.

Now it is almost confirmed by the media reports that large numbers of Indian Muslims have directly or indirectly affiliated them-selves with ISIS. They are spread over to numbers of states like Telangana, Maharashtra, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka etc. Large numbers of them have succeeded in reaching Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen as recruits. Some are sitting at home working as fund-raisers, recruiters, propagandists, conspirators and other types of followers. They use mosques and madrasas as their safe hide-outs. Even, they get good co-operation from local imams and maulvis. It is very difficult for Indian securities agencies to identify and arrest them due to the support of the community to them.
Alarmingly, more than one hundred and fifty, confirmed cases have been found to have affiliated with ISIS directly. This is enough to show that ISIS has very deep roots among Indian Muslims. Even some of these Indians are foreign return and had their education in secular democracies like the US, UK, Singapore and Australia but they became dangerous radicals. It shows that in the name of human rights and equality, secular and democratic nations have become breeding nurseries of Islamic terrorists and fanatics.
The numbers of Indians linked to ISIS is growing very fast. The IS terror is a very dangerous one and does emerge to be on par with other countries or with other terrorist threats facing India.
A number of states and cities in India emerge mainly prone to IS-inspired terrorism and radicalism. Hordes of people can be seen with their flags. It was identified that Kerala, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, UP, MP, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi and Rajasthan have become very fertile nurseries of IS.
Now, a clear pattern has emerged in the country. Muslims do not let any non-Muslim live in their colonies. This pattern can be seen in almost every state. So in every city Muslim areas are become breeding grounds of IS and jihadi terrorists. Kashmir valley, Delhi, Kairana, Kanpur, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Patna, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Siwan, Azamgarh, Aligarh, Kolkatta, Malda, Bijnaur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Mumbai etc. have Muslim strongholds where even police and security forces are scared to enter.
The fact, that Muslim pockets, cities and states are very well known and the government can very easily wipe out the terror network. Surprisingly, most of the terrorists and fanatics belong to the most prosperous and best-networked families. This is in pattern with comparable tendency elsewhere, with most liberal, secular, democratic and developed countries, such as Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, among Arab states, or Australia, the Europeans nations, France, Belgium, England, Germany, Spain, among the most vulnerable to IS-inspired radicalisation. So, the Muslim radicals misuse the secular, liberal and democratic nations most.
India has a very poor track record of countering the IS threat and Islamic terrorism. Most of the arrested IS sympathisers and terrorists from India enjoy all the rights and comforts even in jail. Successful cases are very few. In India, these elements get strong support and help from secular, left, Islamic, human right and media people. They have a very strong support base. Most of the Indian IS, recruits were killed in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq but only a very few in India.
Large numbers of cases are of self-radicalisation, IS often depends to recruits onto pre-established organisations, madrasas and mosques. Most the reported Indian IS sympathisers and terrorists have affiliations with other groups, including the Indian Mujahideen (IM), Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), or IS-inspired groups such as Junood ul Khalifa fil Hind (JKH). IS radicalisation also tends to widen through family, school, madrasas, mosques or neighbourhood ties, often coalescing into cells, such as Ansarul Khalifa Kerala. Even terrorists In Bangladesh have been radicalised by Indian Muslim preachers. Even highly educated and liberal people support IS recruits and terrorists. Now, they have Saudi and Pakistani channels, radicalising the Muslims. Now India has emerged as the global supplier of IS agents and terrorists.
Although America and western countries have almost wiped out the ISIS as a state – a self-declared ruthless Caliphate with self-declared defined territory and a military – but it had very well moved into a global terror network, like al-Qaida. This poses a new kind of danger for India. Pointlessly undermining the danger derails every step taken by security forces. Secular, Communist, media, right groups and intellectuals should also stop supporting Islamic extremist. IS ideology is very dangerous to humanity. All should try to reform Islam and Muslims as secular, liberal, tolerant, modern, hate-free, violent-free and peace loving in the interest of humanity.

Fading Memory

Ah! You were always in my bosom,
Like, I kept you always.
Ages past in my lucky days;
When my passion swayed,
And I was a blessed soul,
Energetic and matched, with your pace.
Now, cracks on my face,
And your splendour has grown,
Yet I foster dreams,
With glimmer in my eyes
To crave you to respond,
To my never-dying, passions.
O, my love! Where have you flown away?
To yonder mysterious world,
where beauty laughs,
at broken hearts and celebrates the death,
with sweet laughter and hopes;
here lies one, who was neither cared by God nor man,
Waste not your passions on him, he was barren.
Shedding tears for those nasty lasses who regarded his fun,
thanking the lord he is dead, this son of sod.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

How to salvage Kashmir: A multi-pronged initiative, with security and reform, is needed-Learn from Israel and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Kashmir is an integral and inseparable part of India. But that very part needs to quick legitimate worry cutting across partisan political divides, on the speed at which the Valley is going out of control. It needs a quick and bold remedy. It is a very easy solution. A nation only needs bold leadership. But a multi-pronged plan, carefully planned and honestly implemented, is the urgent need of the hour.

India must empower her security forces with modern firepower. The power and rights of our security forces in Kashmir must be immediately improved to avoid or minimise the frequent loss of lives of our soldiers and paramilitary personals. Most security experts agree that the strength of our army along the LoC is much less practical necessities. We need to raise the numbers by at least 35% to minimise the infiltration of terrorists and jihadis from across Pakistan and create a fear in the mind of Pakistan’s for its frequent ceasefire violations.

Similarly, the equipment and weaponry with our armed forces require quick upgrading. Better night vision devices, improved anti-infiltration systems, like laser rays and ground sensors guarded borders, and much forceful and penetrative surveillance by UAVs to crush the homegrown stone terrorists, are required immediately. India must learn from Israel to protect her boundaries and citizens.

The territories above 12,000 feet have only mountains and have so many nullahs and rocky projections that make usual and existing wire fencing difficult and ineffective. In fact, during winter, the fencing at the LoC is covered by 10-20 feet of snow.

Funds must be ready to regularly repair damaged fencing and anti-infiltration devices and strengthen the fragile boundary security around military installations and air bases to prevent the Pathankot and Kupwara type terror attacks. These recent attacks show to look in this direction urgently. An evaluation and strengthen of our entire intelligence system is also far needed urgently.

The government of India must understand that only rising plane of violence in Kashmir cannot be controlled by securing the borders. Whereas there should not be any laxity in security, and premeditated and paid violence against the state, security personals and Hindus must be dealt with firmly. The government must also tackle their supporters and financiers, disguised as human right activists, journalists, intellectual, academicians etc, those are clearly anti-India and pro-Pakistani agents, or separatists should be identified, arrested and punished under the law. This would also include the Hurriyat leadership, separatists, Jihadis, stone pelters, religious fanatics and Wahabi elements, maulanas and maulvis. No mercy should be shown to such elements. No attempts should be made to talk with these elements, as has been attempted in the past.

The design of such anti-national elements should be understood. Tactically alert states create a strong hidden network to identify such disruption-ists and obstructionists but here none seem to exist. The government should give heavy motivation and safety. Sections from within Kashmir’s and outside Kashmir in the garb of civil society should be avoided and exposed. There is no need for any dialogue. There is a strong network of Hurriyat leaders, clerics, scholars and ulemas who are hand in glove with terror groups. Even student leaders are also with them and working for them as dreaded stone pelters. The key thing is to convey that the government is not going to tolerate the anti- national subversive activities.

Kashmir is a very rich and prosperous state. It does not need any special economic package in the form of growth and investments for the creation of jobs. The troubled situation is created by the rich and powerful. The economy of Kashmir is controlled by the Muslim population and in most of the government departments, Muslims are in majority. So there is no so-called alienation

Indians are natural entrepreneurs, and if given the proper incentives and environment, will surely give a positive response. So if the government repeals controversial Article-370 and provide security to non-Muslims, accompanied by strong guarantee and measures of security and protection to private entrepreneurs from across India, huge investment will come to Kashmir.

Tough steps must be taken to prevent the wild Islamic fanaticism engulfing the entire state, especially the Valley for the last several decades. Mosques and madrasas, under fanatic Wahhabi, Salafi or Ahl-al-Hadith sway, have breaded in every village. Funds for this have come surreptitiously from several Islamic countries. With digital tracking of monetary transactions now routine, the time has come to cut off the bloody and illicit chain of this financial support. The government must be ruthless with such TV channels, imams, maulvis, maulanas etc. who are involved in this game of hate and death. Islam must be reformed as a secular, liberal, modern, tolerant, peace-loving, hate-free and non-violent faith. Kashmir needs Mustafa Kemal Ataturk type, a revolutionary reformist.

Diplomacy must be tactically tough. Bilateral talks with Pakistan should not begin till it stops supporting the Kashmir terrorists to give a tough message to hardliners in the Valley that we do not care your master. India should also use the explosive situation in Baluchistan to her advantage. India can issue a threat to repeal the Indus Water Treaty and the Most Favoured Nation Status of Pakistan.

At the same time, international pressure on Pakistan should be built, mainly that of America. In the last decade alone, the US has given approximately $25 billion to Pakistan in military and civilian assistant. President Donald Trump can be easily persuaded because he is very stern about acting against Islamic terrorism. This is the right time to convince him to correct the rogue nation Pakistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s must talk to him as early as possible.

Finally, but most importantly, BJP and other secular and patriotic groups must highlight the communal rhetoric of Muslims in India. Issues like the beef ban, cow protection, Yoga, Sanskrit etc., should not be used to unsettle majority community across the country. Attacks on Amarnath Yatra and Veshno Devi pilgrims in Kashmir by terrorists, jihadis and stone pelters are most reprehensible. The nation must denounce these attacks but it appears that Islamic groups believe such condemnation is purely cosmetic. The government should create more seats in universities in Kashmir for outside students, to bring Kashmir students in the national mainstream.

Islamic evils like Triple Talaq, Nikah Halala, polygamy, Mutha, burqa, hijab, Sharia courts etc. must be banned and declared an offence under law. Appeasement of Muslims must be stopped.

The government must tell the regional parties like PDP, NC, Hurriyat, etc. to shun their communal politics. They are responsible for all the mess. The central government act ruthlessly, like Israel now, and execute a complete plan to clear the mess.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

A Conflict with Tolerance: Islamist learn Tolerance from Hinduism and Hindutva

Secularists, communists, media, intellectuals etc. are in search of true Hindu in this surcharged environment created by them to continue to enjoy their vested interests

They always try to defame Hindutva and Hinduism as declare them a political ideology associated with BJP and RSS to capture power.
But Hinduism is not a political tool like Islam or Christianity but it is a lofty way related to life. But these anti-Hindu secular and communist groups describe Hindutva nothing but Hindu fundamentalism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a true and honest follower of Hinduism propagated by Swami Vivekananda. The latter’s elocution of the core ideals of Hinduism must protect the vilification of Hindu values by such secular groups. Prime Minister Narendra Modi follow the ideology of Hindutva which was taught to the ignorant world by Swami Vivekananda in 1893 – at the World Parliament of Religions – Swami Vivekananda, mentioning on various religions, stated “each must assimilate the spirit of the other, and yet preserve his individuality and grow according to his own law of growth.”

Islam is an ideology practised by Islamic preachers who hold the reins of power and the self-proclaimed owners who claim to embody the true and real Islam. Both are bent to destroy the distinctiveness and the spirit behind those who follow other religions.

For Swami Vivekananda, “Help and not fight”, “Assimilation and not Destruction”, “Harmony and Peace and not Dissension” should be the banner of every religion. Pm Modi follows this spirit, “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas.” But the events of the recent past suggest that Islam’s essential characteristics followed by Indian Muslims are fuelling disharmony and conflict resulting violence and deaths.

Swami Vivekananda’s vision was to harmonise the Bible and Quran on the line of Vedanta and Hinduism because he believed that all religions are but expressions of Oneness and that each human being has the right to hug his religion and decide the path that suits him the best.

Those who champion the cause of Islam have not understood this meaning of Hinduism and secularism. If Muslims continue along this path, the real concept of Oneness might develop traits that have no resemblance to the tenets of all the religions.

Swamiji’s prophetic words about food and eating habits have a definite bearing on supporters of slaughtering or beef eating, entering into the tenets of religion. God or religion are not guided by the kitchens of our households. Swamiji said “There is a danger of our religion getting into the kitchen…. Our God is the cooking-pot, and our religion is, ‘Don’t touch me, I am Holy’ … If this goes on for another century, every one of us will be in a lunatic asylum.”

These views articulated at the end of the 19th century should have guided mankind when moving into the 21st century. What we are viewing today is preachers and leaders of the 21st century harking back to 18th-century mindsets. Their religion and freedom are guided and controlled by beef eating and food habits and they want the governments to support them to decide on their food habits.

Over the years, the Hindu mind symbolises the force of tolerance. Many religions and cultures have come here and not only survived but strengthened here. Christianity and Islam have made plenty space to march the path they wish to take. Diverse ideas and thoughts have been freely exchanged. Hindu intellectuals flourished within the courtyard of Muslim dictators. Sufi preachers have influenced lives of people over centuries. Yet, today Islam seeks to wipe out the past and to build a divisive future.

The diverse nature of Hinduism is not lost on violent Islamic preachers. Even its diverse cultural dimensions are not fully appreciated by those who carry the badge of an Islamic cultural identity. Islam has a fascist, narrow and possessive dimension. Its diktats are patriarchal, divisive and anti-women. The design of a colossal Islamic religion is unacceptable to the innate multiplicity of the people of India.

Islam as a religion, “burst with rage” at the “slightest criticism”. The real Muslim is merely an item or community without a holy scripture or a founder. They should learn the values innate in the diversity within Hinduism; not the values that Islamist try to impose. Islamist must not push the willful loss of human lives in an attempt to eat the beef of the ‘holy cow’.

Hinduism, a securely knit religion in which all can survive and flourish is antithetical to the idea of a narrow set of beliefs, doctrines and practices. Both pantheism and agnosticism are elements of the Hindu religion. Millions of Gods and Goddesses are part of the Hindu faith like ordinary human beings but the Islam account has no tolerance for multiple types of faith, schools of philosophy and multiplicity of customs.

Violence and falsehood have no place in the practice of Hinduism. Mahatma Gandhi’s original beliefs based on two principles: ‘non-violence’ and ‘Truth’. Islam and the Islamists promote believe in rumour mongering and hate.

The wave of violence for decades has made nation insecure. Our nations and prime minister’s silence on ‘fatwas’ offering ransom to behead or other intimidation for journalists, politicians, singers, writers, is disturbing. Those averse to their Islam are asked to leave their areas (Kashmir, Bengal, Kairana, Malda, etc.). The killings and violence at Kashmir, Pathankot, Malda, etc. are all examples of levels of intolerance, witnessed in this country only during Islamic rule.

Criticism or dissent is treated as blasphemy. Those responsible for law and order silently watch stone pelters and fatwa brigade brigades create disorder. Support in JNU, Jamia, AMU and University of Hyderabad vitiate the atmosphere of knowledge by fueling passions. Networks in the social media have become a stage of abuse filings by those paid to do so. Security forces are abused in campuses and protagonists of violence and hate are given a free run for attacking the forces and nationalists.

Indian philosophy espouses Yoga, meditation, discipline through the Gita, Ramayan and scores of other scriptures but Islamic elements espouse the cause of Islam have demonstrated levels of indiscipline seen only in barbaric Islamic nations. Cultural superiority through violence is only a weapon of ignorant. But the nation is silent or supportive to these elements. It is time for him to wake up and stand and force his presence felt.