Sunday, 29 December 2019

Faith of Ignorance

More than two centuries ago, in America, a large number of white Christians vindicated the slavery of black Africans and killings of primitive people arguing that the black colour of their skin was just like the 'mark of Cain'. They claim that they were descendants of the first murderer and sinner in Biblical history.  Mythological or Fairy-tale stories spread ideas beyond generations. They also sway real life. Nobody was bothered about, "Did Cain slay Abel?"
Christians in Europe were swayed by the idea that Jews also bore the 'mark of Cain'. They had typical features like sharp nose and they circumcised their private parts. They have no nation and always wander in exile like nomads. Hence, a mythological and unreal idea, 'mark of Cain' was used to validate the slavery, killings and subjugation and anti-Semitism.  An un-real mythological idea swayed real life, although people know it is a fable. The practice of ‘circumcise ion’ that was started to identify the so-called killer and his clan is adopted by so many sects and faiths.
Cultures accept myths as facts, passed on generations. They are created to manipulate the world view. It is just like, the 'great' of Akbar, the 'mahatma' of Gandhi, 'pandit' or 'chacha' of Nehru, 'mahatma' of Phule, 'Periyar, of Ramasamy, 'Lok Nayak' of Jai Prakash Narayan, 'Jan Nayak' of Karpoori Thakur and 'mother' of Teresa as political and sectarian myths and titles, created to brand particular leader as great or saints, fighter and statesmen, and ultimately made as a historical icon by his community or followers.
The Old Testament of Bibles contains the fables of Cain and Abel. Adam and Eve, the first man and women have two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain is a farmer and Able was a shepherd. As a devotee, both tried to please God by making offerings.  But the biased God loved the offerings of Abel and this made Cain angry and envious. Jealous Cain killed Abel by hitting a stone. Cain becomes the first murder, criminal and sinner according to the Bible.
Cain was cast out by his family and hit by God with the 'mark by Cain'. Nobody knows anything about these tales but use them to justify their religious, economic and political agendas. Muslims, Christians and Jews follow these blindly. Large numbers of Christians believe this story blindly because it is in the Bible although it has no historical evidence. Not only this, they consider the 'Evolution' theory as fabrication and believe that the world was formed by God in 'Seven Days' out of nought. This goblin tale of 'Creationism' is taught in many Christian schools but hide that the Bible and Cain and Abel episodes have hundreds of versions.
In Jewish tales, Cain is the son of the Devil who raped Eve surreptitiously. As Cain killed Abel with a stone in the Bible but here he died when the stone house built by his sons falls on him. In other narrations, Cain grows a horn on his head and his grandson mistook him like a wild animal and killed him by hitting a stone. 
Muslims also kill Satan by flinging stones during Haj pilgrimage. According to Islamic belief, Qabil (Cain) wanted to marry the gorgeous daughter of Adam, Aqlimia. But Aqlimia was engaged to Habil (Abel).  So in envy and lust, Qabil murdered his brother Habil. Habil pleaded his brother for mercy and life and warned that the murder was the foulest sin but the victim was purged of all the sins. But the pleading could not prevent the bloodthirsty mind of Qabil. After the murder, Allah sent a crow to scrape the land, to advise Qabil to bury the corpse of his brother to hide his sin and crime. Allah had seen him, though he was alone when he murdered his brother. Qabil was filled with remorse and shame. This lore started the practice of burial of dead among Muslims. This burial system that was actually beginning to hide a crime is again followed by so many sects and faith.
The Shaitan or the devil, after the murder, went to Eve to tell her that Abel was dead. But Eve did not know the meaning of 'dead' because she has never seen death as the first woman. Shaitan explained her meaning of death. Hibil did not breathe, eat, drink, speak and move. This tale started the practice of fasting among Muslims. Eve mourns and became the first mourner.
Which version is true? The Christian one, or the Jewish one, or Islamic one? Nobody knows.
These tales have their origins in a pre-Abrahamic Mesopotamian fiction. For the love of the goddess Inanna, there was bitter completion between the shepherd Dumuzi and the farmer Enkidu. The complained reached to the chief god Enlil by the god of farmers Emesh and the god of shepherd Enten. The chief god ruled in favour of shepherd Dumuzi.
This bitterness between the herdsman and the farmer tells an ancient hostility because herds of goat, sheep, camels and cattle harm the farmers and farmers block the passage of animals by erecting walls and canals. This can be argued this animosity has roots in the tale of Cain and Abel. Abel symbolizes the first shepherd, the preferential occupation in Abrahamic tale. It seems God is our real shepherd.
It is politicians who use mythological tales exactly because it appeals to the huge majority, even the lowest ordinary citizen. They use tales as life metaphors while dealing with the masses. Metaphors are flowing and appropriate. They understand ideas; our ancestors yearn to share with us to appreciate as they incite thoughts, move imagination. The legend of Cain and Abel is mainly the rivalry between two brothers who became enemies for God's favour just like two warring traders or kingdoms. This can be seen in all parts of the world and business families. The theme of sibling jealousy is a universal myth and truth.
While Abrahamic tale narrates of the murder of Abel by Cain due to jealousy, Hindu tale narrates the clash of Vali and Sugriva over Kishkinda, Ravana and Kubera over Lanka, and Pandavas and Kauravas over Kurukshetra. But Hinduism has unique lore of total surrenders by brothers for each other- Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan or Balram, the farmer, and Krishna, the cowherd, Pandava brothers-willing to give everything to each other. Hindu tales carry deep philosophies while others are only tales.

Reference: This article is based on the writings and radio programmes of eminent scholar and philosopher Shri Devdutt Patnayak. 

Thursday, 26 December 2019

The defeat of BJP in Jharkhand

This is very that BJP has lost the election in Jharkhand and JMM-Congress-RJD alliance have got a clear majority. The first time, the BJP has lost the tag of the single largest party. Opposition parties and leaders are on the seventh cloud on this victory and they are interpreting this victory in their convenient way. The Congress, opposition parties, biased media and journalist, activists, Left thinkers, Islamist etc are highly euphoric on this defeat of BJP and they have foreseen the defeat of Modi magic in this defeat. Hardly anybody dares to discuss the real issues behind this defeat.
The first major cause, responsible for this defeat of BJP was that the party has lost its old alliance partner AJSU. It is a very old partner of the BJP and both did pretty well during the last five years.  If both had contested the elections together, the alliance would have won at least 40-42 seats. This breakup cost both the party very dearly.
The second major reason for the defeat was the infighting in the BJP. A big leader like Saryu Rai was not given due respect in the party and he was denied even the ticket to contest from his old seat.  This leads to widespread resentment in the party. Resentment of senior leader Shri Saryu Rai and some of the rebels cost BJP at least five seats. Due to this revolt and infighting, the CM Shri Raghubar Das himself lost the election from Jamshedpur East seat with a big margin,  after five consecutive wins. This was highly humiliating and insulting to the party and the outgoing chief minister.
The third major point, for the defeat of the BJP government, is an amendment to the draconian SC and ST Act. Everybody knows that this act is highly misused by the people belonging to SC and St Act. NON-SC and ST people are badly harassed and tormented by the SC and ST people. Earlier too, the BJP lost Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh due to that amendment. General category people and BC people are highly against these people. The BJP must dilute the harsh sections of this act to finish the harassment and torture of the innocent people and to better its electoral prospects.
The fourth major point for the defeat of BJP is the re-implementation is the 200 hundred point's roster system for the recruitment of the college and university teachers. This point also went against the BJP. After the drubbing in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, this amendment is also responsible for the defeat of BJO in Jharkhand. It was a very bad decision and people disapproved this decision.
Communal scholarship and communal training started by the BJP solely to the Muslim students is also highly disapproved by the voters and supporters.  There is news in circulation that around 3.2 Muslim students are getting this scholarship to the tune of 23 thousand cores. People do not approve of this scheme. The core BJP voters were highly upset with such communal and appeasement scheme. Hindu voters are highly annoyed with such a scheme.  On the contrary, BJP did not get any dividends of such schemes in elections. Muslims did not vote for the BJP anywhere in these elections.
Jharkhand has large numbers of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). In the name of so-called reforms, sales and privatization of PSUs are on the agenda of BJP in a big way. This policy has highly annoyed government employees. It gave a very negative image of the BJP among the people. Instead of sale and privatization, the government should dismiss or retire the corrupt and poor performing employees. People feel the government must shun such reforms which involve sale or privatization of the government companies.
Reserved category people SCs, STs, OBCs, and EWSs are very annoyed that the government has failed to provide them reservation in minority institutions. Minority institutions like Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Deoband University, Nadva College Lucknow, madrasas, Jesus and Merry College, St.Stephen College, Presidency University, Christ University Waqf Boards, Minority Commissions, etc have no reservation and quotas for SCs, STs, OBCs and EWSs, The government must bring all these institution under reservation and quotas to pacify the hurt feelings for these category of the people.
On population control front, the people want strong action. But, so far nothing has emerged from the government side. People are very hopeful from the BJP government this government should bring legislation of 'we two of our's two' law.
Jharkhand results are not the victory of opposition parties and leaders. Rather it is a defeat of BJP think tank and planners. They have failed to pass the test of the aspiration of the people. Now BJP needs good managers like Modi, Amit Shah, Ajeet Doval etc who can fulfill the wishes and aspirations of a new India. 

Monday, 23 December 2019

CAA\NRC, Friday prayers and Riots

Ever since the Parliament of India has passed the Citizen Amendment Act, the opposition parties and leaders, supported by some anti-government biased journalists and activists have got an issue to create disturbances in the country. They have got an easy prey in Muslims and their fringe groups to instigate and provoke for violence.
They have begun the countrywide protests. Surprisingly, most of these protests started from the mosques after the Friday Namaz of Muslims and guided by the Imams and maulvis of the mosques.   This is not protesting. This is violence and rioting. There are a very horrible situation and signals in the country. Now it is very clear that the leaders and parties are anti-Hindu. Now they have fallen so low that they are provoking and instigating the Muslims, openly and brazenly for violence, riots, arson, stone-pelting and damage to the public property.
They are playing havoc with the lives of the people. Innocent police personals that are performing their duties are attacked brutally by the rioters. Opposition leaders and parties supported by NGOs, activists, media, Maulvis etc have made lives miserable and unsafe for the common men. Most of the educational institutions are shut, internet suspended, transport services disrupted and other facilities also disturbed.
Now, this is a new danger for the safety of the people. Muslim clergies are openly threatening to start a violent Jihad. The most alarming signals are those that most of the riots and disturbance are controlled by the ignorant and radical elements. It is very difficult for the police and the law enforcement authorities to control the violence because there are lakhs of mosques and madrasas in the country and almost all are participating in these protests cum violence.
All the people should fight against this new danger and a new divisive trend. CAB and NRC are all the more necessary to find out all these anti-Hindu and anti-India elements. Even the police have to close the gates of the hospitals, fearing the rioters and criminals. The gates of Lok Nayak Jai Prakash and GB Pant Hospitals, Delhi had to shut fearing the rioters and violence.
Persecuted Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and Buddhists from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh will get the citizenship of India automatically and easily under this act. It is also a naked truth that due to the Islamic rule and Muslim radicals, non-Muslim people are brutally repressed by the Muslims and the authorities in these nations. Non-Muslim people have been almost wiped by the radical Islamists during the last seventy years. They have hardly any human rights in these nations.
In Pakistan, in 1947, Hindus and Sikhs were around 30% of the total population and in Bangladesh, in 1947; Hindu and Sikh population was around 35% of the total population. But today, in Pakistan, Hindu and Sikhs are only around 4% of the total population where they are only around 8% of the total population in Bangladesh. Afghanistan has around 5% of Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist population which is almost totally wiped out.  Still, their lives are very miserable there. So, it is very necessary to give special treatment to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Christians in India to safeguard their human rights.
The large scale violence witnessed in almost all the Muslim dominated areas since December 14 is not spontaneous. It was scrupulously planned by the foot-soldiers of 'Break India' gangs. There are intelligence reports that Congress, Left groups, other opposition parties, NGOs, activists and Muslim fringe groups were actively involved in mobilizing the students and Muslims for this protest via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
Throughout these 'violent protests', that have now turned into riots, arson, stone attacks, damage to public property and attack on police, students and Muslims have been fed with hate and inflammatory contents regarding CAA and NRC. Ironically, the very left  'intellectual and Academic' who teach other about secularism, inclusiveness, multiculturalism, liberal values, tolerance, non-violence, evils of lynching are busy spreading lies, hate, communalism and divisive ideas. This necessitated curbing internet services but it was too late. The preachers of hate and violence had sent the message and set the stage for violence and mayhem. 
In the violence of students and Friday prayer going people are the main participants. Urban Naxals got a chance to settle the scorecard. Public property was vandalized, vehicles burnt, brick missiles hurled, policemen attacked as 'protests'. It was horrifying to see the policemen running to safety as rioters trying to lynch the cops. For this mayhem and violence, the rioters were blaming the CAA although nobody knows even the full form of CAA.
It is a clear frustrated reaction to the steps taken by the BJP for the people and the nation.  The opposition parties and leaders are out to cash to make their Vote Banks with a 'damn the nation' mind-set. The government should have foreseen the mind-set of these elements to safeguard the nation and the people.  It should have realized that the decade of minority communalism and appeasement cannot be erased in one spell of reforms.
The biggest losers are again the Hindus. They are horrified at the sight of law enforcers being beaten mercilessly, students shouting divisive slogans borrowed from Urban Naxals, lawyers disrespecting judges, teachers instigating the students, Imams provoking the believers, fringe Muslim groups, activists dividing the people and all claiming to be secular, liberal, inclusive, tolerant, multicultural and what not.
It is scary to see evil forces all around you, TV screens with evil smiles, guiding lynching mobs, meticulously prepared inflammatory speeches and timid authorities with roses and folded hands.
Wake up the sleepy nation before it is too late!

Friday, 20 December 2019

भयभीत आंखें

जहां पर बोलना है, वहां चुप रह जाते हो;
और जहां चुप रहना है, वहां चीख मचाते हो।

जहां सिर कटे मेरे जवान का, वहां शांतिदुत आ जाते हैं,
जब आतंकी मरता है, वहां नकली अवार्ड फिकते हैं।

मिशन स्कूल के ये छात्र, सारी बकवास सुनते हैं;
अगर मां-बाप संस्कार सिखाते हैं, तो पंखे से झूल जाते हैं।

गगन चुम्बी कबाड़ की माल मे, जेब खाली करते हैं;
पर शिक्षा-स्वास्थ के लिये, मुफ्तखोरी मांगते हैं।

सड़्क जाम के काले धुंए से, हवा तबाह कर देते हो;
पर जब दम घुटता है तो, पराली को गाली देते हो।

टपोरियों-मवालियों से, प्यार जताते रहते हो;
जब अपनों को प्यार देना है, वहां नाता भूल जाते हो।

वोट डालने को समय नहीं, फिर पांच साल रोते हो;

देश्भक्तों को भूल, जिहादियों से पिसते हो।

कामरेड बढ़े चलो

कामरेड बढ़े चलो! जिहादी बढ़े चलो!

हाथ में पत्थ्रर रहे अस्त्र दल सजा रहे
तुम कभी डरे नहीं तुम कभी भगे नहीं
कामरेड बढ़े चलो! जिहादि बढ़े चलो

सामने पोलिस हो वाटर गन की बौछार हो
तुम हिंसक डरो नहीं तुम दंगाई डटो वहीं
कामरेड बढ़े चलो! जिहादी बढ़े चलो
कालिज हो कि जमात हो भीड़ हो न नेता हो
बेरिकेड तोड़ बढ़े चलो कानून तोड़ बढ़े चलो
कामरेड बढ़े चलो! जिहादी बढ़े चलो

एक आतंक लिये हुए एक अंध-ज्ञान लिये हुए
वोट-बैंक के लिये सत्ता पीने के लिये
कामरेड बढ़े चलो! जिहादी बढ़े चलो 
तुमको आग लगानी है तुमको लिंचिंग करनी है
तुमको जाम लगाना है तुमको झूठ फैलाना है
कामरेड बढ़े चलो1 जिहादी बढ़े चलो।

कैब का मतलब जानते नहीं देश में उत्पात करना है
देश-वासियों से नफरत करनी है, घुसपैठिंयॉं से प्रेम करना है
कामरेड बढ़े चलो! जिहादि बढे‌ चलो। 

जेहन में अज्ञान भरा दिल में घृर्णा भरी
जान भी निकाल लो खून भी बहा दो
कामरेड बढे चलो जिहादि बढ़े चलो।

Thursday, 12 December 2019

A Thrust Crown

Now, it is aptly clear that Congress managers failed miserably in dealing with the Anna-Kejriwal fight cum drama against corruption and Modi magic for peace, harmony, development and nationalism. By their confused politics, Congress leaders and their allies have become a subject of laughter.

The shrewd manipulators always surround Sonia Gandhi but they always fail. Similarly, the economic politics of Dr Man Mohan Singh failed to deliver any good to the masses. He proved as an artificial economist surrendered himself to his corrupt and arrogant ministers and arm twister allies.

Failed on all fronts, as is the practice in the nation, they took shelter in secular tactics and minority appeasement. But in return, he has opened a new branch of extremism and reforms each i.e. secular extremism and reform scams. Now Sonia Gandhi is out of the picture for some mysterious ailment, there is no authority to guide the party. In this test the economist ex-prime minister as well as novice Rahul Gandhi failed. 

The mishandling of Anna-Kejriwal-Baba Ramdev movement destroyed the prospects of Congress and UPA. In Modi, BJP and NDA have a very powerful and dynamic leader. He had very forcefully exposed the failure of UPA-II and the deep-rooted involvement in the corruption and now the situation is almost unbearable. Modi and his aggressive team have almost made the nation believe the never before the nation has seen such a corrupt and failed government.

Now it is very clear, Sonia Gandhi and her team are out of power centre and all other powerpoint proved ill tongue comedians, it was left solely on Rahul Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh responsible for all the workings of Congress. The mismanagement created by the confrontation with team Modi proved suicidal to Rahul Gandhi in his attempt to prove himself as a champion of Muslims in raising the issue related with Article-370, CAB, NRC, Bangladesh intruders etc,

Congress committed the same mistake in dealing with the Anna movement. The same immaturity has been shown in facing Modi-Shah duo. Instead of tackling politically, a type of extremism and hatred is shown in the name of secularism and justice to Muslims, as if only Muslims are the only citizens in this country.

An arrogant and novice team of advisors like Ahmed Patel, Kapil Sibal, Chidambaram, Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Anand Sharma etc., is pushed as firefighters. Here proves the failure of the leader because no one has the maturity and dignity to deal with this type of social and national uprising. They were trying to open the out of date law books and cases.

Now Sonia-Rahul duo and their team failed to realize that Modi is leading a crusade against corruption and Modi was using development and nationalism as a national issue. Modi-Shah constructed a platform. Team Modi completed the rest of the remaining task to pull the country behind them, and the name of the tired Sikh economist was tarred beyond cleansing.

Team Modi made the nation believe that Dr Man Mohan Singh during the past ten years was leading the most corrupt government country has ever seen. Starting from 2G and CWG, attacking the anti-corruption crusader Baba Ramdev but sitting duck on Hassan Ali, and cash for vote's case, Afzal Guru, Bhullar, etc., raised serious doubts about his leadership merits. However, Rahul Gandhi is not ready to learn anything from these drubbings. Debate and discussion on Article-370, NRC, CAB etc prove this beyond any doubt.

Even the self-styled young Turks, like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jitin Prasad, etc talk openly that Sonia Gandhi is not physically fit to lead them out of this crises. It was a direct attack on Sonia Gandhi, ex-PMM and Rahul Gandhi from within and their respect in the party.

No action against tainted leaders, soft on Islamic and Naxal terror, exposure on fake Hindu terror, caste oriented social justice, anti-Hindu but pro-Sharia secularism, etc have not only dented their already battered reputation but also has fallen within the party.

Now Sonia-Rahul duo and the Congress is facing the worst crisis of credibility, making them disreputable as the last Mughal. The only thing favourable to their survival is that all the MPs and leaders are still with them as they have also lost confidence in themselves. 

Now both Sonia-Rahul has gone into hiding and does not want to step in when the credibility graph is so down. Now everybody in the party specially Sonia-Rahul wants to win the Mount Everest but is afraid of climbing rocks. Due to this failed leadership, these are troubled days for the nation and the opposition.

Silence or support to corruption, scams, pseudo-secularism, social justice, non-governance, communalism, castes-ism, separatism, price rise, etc., are such words which indicate that Rahul Gandhi cannot understand the complexity of these issues.

Dr Man Mohan Singh has already failed on these counts. Whether the nation gets tough Jan Lok Pal or not, scam masters are punished or not, prices are downed or not, terror is controlled or not, the nation follows Modi development and nationalism model. However, the nation has already declared that Rahul Gandhi is not fit for this crown in the same manner as the nation was down due to weaknesses and failures of Dr.Man Mohan Singh and nation had seen the darkest days. There is no area or work Dr.Man Mohan Singh the economist, can wish to last forever.

Now even Congressmen are sceptical about the leadership qualities of Rahul Gandhi. Jayaram Naresh has very rightly said that the Sultanat has gone but the Sultan is still very arrogant. 

Wednesday, 11 December 2019


The uncultivated leaders rule the flock through the days dark,
People cried, and hid behind nothingness,
It is like to a blank call, with a mysterious message,
The ill-bred may infer it void, but I watch disturbed.

No discovery of reason to put up there on course for the dark power,
Corrupt mind mouse of a clan, the greedy foreign fox and toothless tiger;
The debris of the power sow as they haul for the ill-gotten gains, 
The brood of the white fox, and she with her ill-widen wings.
I view in them the same old game, a clamour of the growing black balance sheet,
The compress of my mind to the nation pounced a hundred doubts,
Even the best was scorned I tried to argue them,
Which is easiest, nearest, cheapest and commonest to all and Me.

Of humans, those live like animals or taste the sea of chaos,
Of the scrap-dealers, meat-sellers, or fabricators of knives, and
The mob of rioters corrupts, traitors and divisive dons;
They can party and bed with them years in and years out. 

All going for opportunities, paying for huge returns,
Embellishing themselves to confer themselves on the top that will seize them,
Not thinking the world to fall to their good or bad will,
Spreading it liberally perpetually.

The chaste herd's chants in the highest lob,
The secularists dress their stage, the tongue of their foreplay twists,
 Their sick mounting ambition,
The rich and poor alike travel abode to their hunt giving feats.

The crafty snatches the herd and the shepherd, pull down with a bag full,
The mate follow pacing in the boat, pierce and harpoon are all set,
The power-tamer walks by dark and hidden stretches,
The batons are pre-destined with crossed fingers at the palace.

Out from the herd step the marksmen take their position, plane their piece;
The gangs of newly-formed intruders wrap the deal in bucks,
As the ugly mind hoe in the luxury suits, the dons view them from their dens,
Masters whistle in the dance-room, combatant eye for their share, bowing to the masters.

The three partners with brazen head and ugly tongue works in this case,
They turn their head intoxicated with power while their sight blur with an ugly plot;
The malfunctioned limbs are strapped to the surgeon's table,
Such is the fate of my nation, more or less I am,  and I sing the song of my nation. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

देखा नहीं जाता

अपने मुल्क का नज़ारा, सहा नहीं जाता;
दहलीज़ से बाहर का खौफ देखा नहीं जाता:
गुंगे-बहरौं की बसेरा है साहब, देखा नहीं जाता ;       
अबला की लुटती आबरू पर, कोई तबज्जो देता नहीं जाता ।

चोटी से ऐड़ी तक, सिहरता जिस्म, देखा नहीं जाता,
कच्ची उम्र की कलियों का मसला जिस्म देखा नहीं जाता;
रोते चमन में, ज़ामों का खनकना देखा नहीं जाता;
नफरतों के इस दौर में, महफिलों का सजना, देखा नहीं जाता ।

लाखों बे-ज़मीरों का मजमा, जिहदियों के ज़नाज़ों में, देखा नहीं जाता;
और वशिष्ठ नारायण का लावरिस शव, देखा नही जाता;
दबी लाचार सिसकती सड़्कों पर, खूनी दहशतगर्द देखा नहीं जाता;
मौत की वदियों में, हंसते-खेलते बेखौफ कातिल देखा नहीं जाता।      

बर्फ से सूजे कानों पर, बहशियों का अट्टाहास, देखा नहीं जता:
खोख्ले नारों का सौदगर, पैगम्बर, देखा नहीं जाता;
लगाई आग पर, सेकता कसाई देखा नहीं जाता;
दर्द के खलिफाओं की आवाज़ और आगाज, देखा नहीं जाता

Thursday, 28 November 2019

काली राजधानी

सीने मे घुटन, आंखों में गुबार सा क्यूं है,  
आज इस महानगर में हर इंसान सहमा सा क्यूं है ?
खांसता हर शख्स पूछ्ता, यहां धुंआं पराली का क्यूं है,
पर फिर दिल्ली से आगरा-चंढीगढ साफ सा क्यूं है ?
सेक्युलर तमाशे-बाज पूछ्ते, धुंआं दिवाली पर क्यूं है,
दिल्ली तो काली पर लाहौर स्याह काला क्यूं है ?
वहां पटाखे और उनको फोड़्ने वाले गायब क्यूं हैं,   
हिंदु और सिख के दीदार के लिये तरसते क्यूं हैं ?
वहां तो सिर्फ अज़ान का शोर ही क्यूं हैं,  
शोर मचाने वाले मदारी अपनी नाकामी पर चुप क्यूं हैं?  
दिल्ली की सड़्कौं पर अवैध कब्जे क्यूं हैं,  
और पूछ्रते चारों तरफ जाम का धुंआं क्यूं हैं ?
प्यासी मिट्टी बिना बाधों के क्यूं है,
फिर पूछ्ते धूल की आंधी क्यूं है ?  
यमुना खादर मफिया के कब्जे में क्यूं है,  
दिल्ली देशी पेड़ों से खाली क्यूं है ?  
हर इंच ज़मी जाहिलों से अटी क्यूं है,
और पूछ्ते हैं, सीने मे घुटन, आंखों में गुबार क्यूं है? ,