Sunday, 25 February 2018

मूर्खॉ का देश

हम भी एक मूर्खॉ के देश के वासि है,
श्रीदेवी के निधन पर सभी रो रहे है,
राश्ट्र अपने आप को रढुआ महसुस कर रहा है।
पर किसी के पास समय नही,
जो मेजर कुमुद डोगरा के दर्द को समझ सके,
और उसके ऑसूँ पौछ सकै।
जो पॉच दिन की बेटी को गोद मे लेकर,
पति को आंतिम विदाई देती है।
मेजर कपिल कुन्डू की चिता,
अभी ठंडी भी नही हुई थी,
पर देश प्रेम प्रकाश वारियर की ऑख मारने पर,
पागल हो जाता है और फतवे भी आ जाते है।
जिहादि आतंकी सोहराबुद्दीन की मौत पर,
विधवा वीलाप करने वाले लाखॉ गद्दार है,
पर उसके हाथौ विधवा हुई औरतॉ
के ऑसूँ पौछने वाला, शायद ही कोइ मिले
एक मुठ्ठी चवल के लिये,
आदिवासी मधु की हत्या हो जाती है,
पर हजारॉ हत्याऐ करने वाला दाऊद,
पूरे देश का भाई है।
मेरा देश वाकई महान है, या मुर्ख है,
कह नही सकता।
पर श्रीदेवी को अब शंति से सोने दो,
एक गहरी नीद मॅ, अब वो नही जगैगी,
उन्हॉ सोने दो, आराम की नीद मै।
मेरी हार्दिक श्रधांजलि। ओम शंति ओम्।

Fight of a Girl

She has to fight against the truth of destiny,
With the dirty touch of jihadis fraternity;
She has to fight against her own identity
Fight against father for not allowing to work and charity.

Always carry the pain in all weathers,
Why is she married of earlier than her five older brothers?
Fights for her self-esteem and feathers,
And fights to stand on her feet with others. 

Gets the spanking from her drunken husband,
But helps him, on his own feet, to stand;
She does not fight, only to make thud;
But fights for a happy family around.

She fights to save money for hard times,
Fights for her rights but no jibes,
Fight with a pen to be a poetess, chimes,
In needs, can fly a fighter plane, high in the skies.

She fights  like Radha and Meera for love and care for;
But like the Queen of Jhansi, Rani Luxmibai, in war;
Fights, like a push-nail, putting her finger;
Or like Rani Durgawati to protect the fort and honour.

Shed burqa and fights like Shahbano, for women’s right;
Fights against Yamrajj, to become Satawati for her plight;
Sometimes like Razia, sometimes like Apala, fight,
Sometimes shy, sometimes Saina Nehwal, but has to fight.

Sometimes like Hazrat Mahal, sometimes like Sarojini Naidu;
Sometimes like Sita, Savitri and Draupadi she fights;
In the hour of problems, fights like Padmini and Panna-dai;
Fights for the nation and fights for the society.

In need fights like P.T.Usha and Mary Kom;
Fights against poverty and odium;
Fighting spirit, she got in the womb form, 
Truly girls are very good fighters in the home and roam. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

I Want to Live

I am also a child of a loving mother,
I was not thrown into the womb of my mother,
God's blessings put me in your womb,
and His angels flew from heaven to lay me in your divine womb.

I came to fulfil the God’s will, mother;
Blissful in my new abode of love, and slept there serenely.
The angles watched and kept me secure always,
Till I saw and breath the face of the earth.

Angels used to come to me to get my comfort;
All became very happy and thanked God on my birth;
Tasted milk of my mother on my birth,
I was blissful to be born as your beloved child.

I wanted to smile, I wanted to sing;
I wanted to play, I wanted to frolic;
I wanted to suck your breast milk,
I wanted you smiling and fulfilled.

On a cruel day, your master decided to slay me,
The devils in the underworld listened to their decision,
Took the loudest drum, danced on the demonic beats;
All the evil spirits jumping, singing and dancing.

All danced in lines, all danced in ring;
All danced on the heels, all danced their best;
All sang the ugliest song and Devils played the wildest music;
Butchers gulped the hemlock and beheaded me.

Demonic spirits were happy but heaven cried;
I, my mother and angels cried;
Moment before I was brutally slaughtered,
All-Powerful, All-merciful God also cried helplessly.

A happy-dancing child of God,
Became a dish on the plate of a devil.
My bones from the heap of plate thrown to the dogs,
At a distance my mother shedding the tears of blood,

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Love Resolve

Take this encounter of love go on until we meet. 
Then be quiet and stop all the exposition.
Shed the fear of the shouting mob, motley or fat; 
Or boo or applaud on our open exhibition. 

Let our love be extended to our foes.
Let chats grow in its liking.
Let legends be sung with warped truth san woes.
Let paradise collapse on my head crushing. 

O, My Love! How long these hostilities rest.
Let my challengers’ rancour at lat. 
That they do not want me in your heart, 
Though, our love was kept from all, a secret.  
In the drapes of dark on starry nights, 
We shall greet in silence to enjoy our flights.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Now the Yogi Adityanath government in Utter Pradesh is under attack. The Secularists, communists, Islamists, NGOs, human right groups and activists, etc have been overly busy in attacking the Yogi government and they are worried about the lives and safety of criminals. The Yogi government is busy in wiping out the criminals in encounters. Instead of getting praise, the CM, government and police, all have been attacked and criticized by these elements.

Brothers and sisters of India, a very natural question comes to the mind, why police do the so-called encounters. The simple answer is that such outlaws failed not only the nation but also entire system. As they were not honouring the human rights of the citizens, then why the police are respectful of the human rights of a criminal. Brothers and Sisters of India, this is really very sad and tragic if the dead ones were innocent citizens but if the dead were terrorists or criminals than it was a good encounter necessary to safeguard the lives of the common man.

Yajnaarthaat karmano’nyatra loko’yam karmabandhanah;
Tadartham karma kaunteya muktasangah samaachara.

9. The world is bound by actions other than those performed for the sake of sacrifice; do
thou, therefore, O son of Kunti, perform the action for that sake (for sacrifice) alone, free from attachment!


Our system is completely in shambles or failed. Honorable Supreme Court of India itself has admitted on so many occasions that Indian system is a haven for criminals and harassment for simple and innocent citizens. This is a reality and very sad reality. These criminals have failed the nation, failed the constitution and above all failed the justice system of the land so destined death through encounters real or fake.

Our system and our justice system failed to punish the likes of Dawood, Abu Salem, Chota Shakeel, Maulana Masood, Muktar and Afzal Ansari brothers, Atik Ahmed, Hassan Ali, Naxals, Jihadis etc., etc., and in the near future there is no early hope that such dreaded criminals and terrorists will be brought to the justice system. They have no respect for this nation, for the system of this country, for the constitution of this country, for the justice system of this country. So why should the nation or system care for such outlaws, terrorists and bandits?

Tasmaat twam indriyaanyaadau niyamya bharatarshabha;
Paapmaanam prajahi hyenam jnaana vijnaana naashanam.

41. Therefore, O best of the Bharatas (Arjuna), controlling the senses first, do thou kill this sinful thing (desire), the destroyer of knowledge and realisation!

Encounters specialist do a great service to the nation and people by eliminating dreaded criminals in encounters and they risk their own lives for the safety of the nation and people. All the time they and their family members are at risk, but even then, they serve the people, society and nation. In this manner, they have eliminated thousands of dreaded criminals in all over the country. In Gujarat, Maharashtra, J&K, Punjab, UP, and elsewhere brave patriots have eliminated thousands of criminals and people are much safer. If all those criminals would be living today, the nation would have been completely under the control of criminals. Instead of honouring such patriots and great servants of people this ungrateful nation is haunting them and harassing them.

In Gujarat alone, a number of brave and patriot police officers are rotting in jails for eliminating dreaded criminals. In this, nations due to vote bank politics criminals and anti-national are the national celebrity and brave and patriotic police personnel are treated as criminals. This is the irony of this nation. In Gujarat, a notorious terrorist Shorabuddin Sheikh was killed in an encounter. This Shorabuddin during his crime career killed more than fifty innocent people. Indian system and Indian judiciary completely failed to punish him. But when that dreaded criminal was killed by the police, then those brave and patriotic police officers, who killed him, are rotting in the jail. Now this notorious criminal is a national celebrity, thanks to the so-called secular vote bank politics.

Encounter specialists like Daya Nayak, Pradeep Sharma, Ravindra Angre, Vanjara, Mohan Lal Sharma, Rajveer Singh, K.P.S.Gill, Ajay Sharma, etc., are national assets. For their safety, Parliament must make some law.

This is high time, in the interest of nation a USA type Patriotic Act must be prepared, in which security personnel must be powered to kill the dreaded criminals, terrorists and illegal intruders without fear of being punished and prosecuted. When Pakistani invaders were brutally slaughtering Indians in Jammu and Kashmir in 1948, the apostle of non-violence and Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi exhorted the Indian Army to wipe out the invaders and slaughterers. The Gita also says a sinner must be killed.

Ajnashchaashraddhadhaanashcha samshayaatmaa vinashyati;
Naayam loko’sti na paro na sukham samshayaatmanah.

40. The ignorant, the faithless, the doubting self-proceeds to destruction; there is neither this world nor the other nor happiness for the doubting.

Tasmaad ajnaanasambhootam hritstham jnaanaasinaatmanah;
Cchittwainam samshayam yogam aatishthottishtha bhaarata.

42. Therefore, with the sword of knowledge (of the Self) cut asunder the doubt of the self-born of ignorance, residing in thy heart, and take refuge in Yoga; arise, O Arjuna!

Therefore, read the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, recite Here Krishna, and carry on with the encounter to make the nation safe and peaceful.

sarva-dharmän parityajya
mäm ekaà çaraëaà vraja
ahaà tväà sarva-päpebhyo
mokñayiñyämi mä çucaù

66. Abandoning all desires, come to Me alone for shelter. Be not grieved, for I shall release thee from all evils.


Monday, 19 February 2018


Very recently, a manic student was on a shooting spree, killing seventeen students in the Florida school. On this shooting youth are highly agitated and ignited, against President Trump and GOP lawmakers on the payroll of the gun lobby.

In America and some other countries, children carry guns to school! In America, children carry guns, in Muslim countries, children carry bombs and RDX and India suicide and the accidental death rate are alarmingly high. Perhaps these children have never practiced true love and compassion. They have abused and ignored childhood.

 It is the first duty of parents to shower love and affection on their children. Teach them by example all that is good during their shaping years. Parents should not express anger and hatred in front of children. They should teach children patience and love.

Recent past has seen many such incidents where on minor provocation or without any reason or out of frustration people are been killed by such individuals. This madness is not confined to one or two nation but the entire world is a victim of such type of madness without any method. Now even minors are restoring to such type of mayhem. This cult of violence and suicides among students is comparatively a new phenomenon in India but it is a very serious and dangerous problem in the West.

A few years back, the peace of Virginia Technical University was shattered by the gunfire, resulting in the loss of thirty-three lives. It not only devastated the dreams of thirty-three families but the dreams of millions and billions of people worlds over. Today America has become a dream world, in addition, a destination for the people world over. Now America represents a brute kind of materialism.

 Materialism is the worst kind of disease, which has no cure. This bitter truth has forgotten in our pursuit of that deceptive dream, especially in America. This type of ugly materialism has converted every human being as an independent master of his free will. Nation, society, family or for that matter any life has no meaning for him. The only dream he nurtures is making big bucks without much effort and enjoying every right under the sun, without caring about anything. Even they have no hesitation in buying their happiness, at the cost of other's happiness. America has been flooded with material comforts but this success has made people heartless, soulless, and emotionless black machines, performing black magic.

Children need loving care, but at the same time, we should not forget to discipline them. Infuse in them the love for all creation. This is possible through good value education. A dosage of pure consciousness can help clear the impurities and restore the mind to its purity. Then we can love selflessly and live in service.

 Material progress has made the lives of Americans very comfortable and entire world mindlessly try to chase this type of Americanism. Now average American wants to enjoy all the pleasures of the world, similarly, he wants to enjoy all the rights of the world without caring the rights of others. This mentality has converted every human being as rightist Jihadi. This mindlessness has given birth to Cho-Senung Huism. (The Korean who killed teachers and fellow students). Now, this virus has reached America and Islamic nation.

 Now even every die-hard anti-American, jholawala communist or fanatic,    round capped Maulana or Ulema want to settle down in America to enjoy this magical world. Nobody sees or understands another world hidden behind the designer clothes of the designer world.  With all the success, people fail to see that  America is also top in divorce, single-parent families, unwed mothers, or children out of the wedding, rapes, suicides, murders (except terror-related countries) and of course these devastating shootouts. These are all signs of perversion.

 Today Americans think about consumerism, materialism, profit and of course about human rights. In every street of America, one can see an NGO, a Tom, Dickens and Harry right activists, all busy making fast and big bucks, misguide, and corrupt not only Americans but also the entire world. In this way, Americans become rootless and they live in a vacuum and die in a vacuum. They do not know the meaning of family, emotions, love, inner happiness and voice of the soul.  Everywhere they see divorced people, couples or single without children, children without parents, senior citizens living without family in old age homes. This loss of values results in emptiness within and emptiness outside, like a fish without water.

            This type of Americanism has created a greedy, heartless, emotionless, cruel demon, ready to gulp the entire world like a Jihadi monster. Korean, Cho Seung Hui was also a creation of this system, who butchered thirty-three innocent lives for no reason, including the counsellor, who himself was a toxic creation of this toxic society. In this case, the Korean Cho Seung Hui thought the girl as his personal possession like any other designer cloth for gratification. The right answer here would have been to throw the Korean behind the bar, felicitating him with third-degree treatment for beating the girlfriend. However, the overdose of the human right system brought a counsellor from some disgraced NGO, who was first to be botched for this mindless materialism and intoxication of rights.

         To confirm compassion to the suffering is our duty. Any spiritual search should begin with selfless service. If you sit in meditation and expect the third eye to open without opening your two eyes, can that happen? Be a witness and give of yourself without expectation. We cannot close our eyes to the world, call it spirituality and expect to become self-realized. To behold unity with open eyes as you look at the world, that is self-realization. For this, students practice yoga, meditation and read the Hindu scriptures like the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and the Ramayana to healing and distressing.

It was a complete loss of self and mad self-gratification. Unfortunately, Indians are now trying to adopt mindless American model resulting loss of inner peace. We are fast drifting away from rich values like the miraculous joint family system, spiritualism and rich Sanskars. Because of this entire nation is tormented by Gurugram like shootouts and increasing numbers of students' suicides. Nowadays youth compare themselves with the best in the world without knowing their worth. They should not see others achievements and find holes in others. Honor your strength only. If one sees similarities or weaknesses in others be gracious enough to accept and appreciate this. Cure thyself that you are the best and others are on the wrong side.

         Better, be conversant with the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and follow the life of a karma yogi and his selfless action to recognize the call of kindness, justice, and stress on self-work and enlightenment. Try to avoid division, arrogance and alienation. Do not follow any method of hate and bitterness.

TaSMaadSa¢-" SaTaTa& k-aYa| k-MaR SaMaacr)
ASa¢-ae ùacrNk-MaR ParMaaPanaeiTa PaUåz")) 19))

Tasmad asaktah satatam
   Karyam karma samacara
            Asakto hy acaran karma
   Param apnoti purusah

 Therefore, without attachment, perform always the work that has to be done, for the man attains to the highest by doing work without attachment. (The Bhagwadgita, Ch.III, Sl. 19.)

If a work is performed without attachment is considered higher to the work done in a spirit of sacrifice but is higher than work performed with selfish motives. A man can attain happiness if he performs work without attachment.  The need of the day is while praying happiness, health and prosperity for yourself and family, you should also think about others who breathe the same air and have the blood of the same colour. One should be directed to acquire enlightenment, redefine desire and purge them of selfishness and learn to bear pain, cultivate love and kindness and shed hate, bitterness and jealousy and move in the right direction. To learn all this higher wisdom and prevent Virginia type of shootouts, Hindu system of education Gurukul, yoga, meditation, would be an asset in the right direction.

b]ø<YaaDaaYa k-MaaRi<a Sa(r)& TYa¤-a k-raeiTa Ya" )
il/PYaTae Na Sa PaaPaeNa PaÚPa}aiMavaM>aSaa )) 10 ))

 Brahmany adhaya karmani
                                                                  Sangam ayaktva karoti yah
 lipyate na sa papena
            padmapattam iva mbhasd.    

        He who works, having given up attachment, resigning his actions to God, is not touched by sin, even as a lotus leaf (is untouched) by water. (The Bhagavad-Gita, Ch. V, Sl.10.)   
   We should not renounce work but do them in the name of God that alone is immortal. When we renounce our attachment, ego, its likings, and disliking and do our work in the name of God this is the best position for a man. The modern-day youth and students should take lessons from The Ramayana and The Bhagavad-Gita to avoid Virginia like painful shootouts. The self who is very detached from the higher self, meaning the master of this universe, is bound to perish, says Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.  Here I am reminded of the famous lines of Matthew Arnold –

Ah, love, let us be true
 To, one another!  For the world, which seems?
            To lie before us like a land of dreams,
            So various, so beautiful, so new,
            Hath really neither joy, nor live, nor light,
            Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain,
            And we are here as on darkling plain
            Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
            Where ignorant armies clash by night,
                           (Matthew Arnold, in Dover Beach)
.     Religion is not restricted to the terminology of scriptures. Religion is a mode of life. Its beauty and charm are articulated in the love and compassion of those who live in harmony with its guidelines.