Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Dark Clouds

 Don't know my identity,

Male or female or something else,

Not sure about it truly,

"But surely not a curse." 

People laugh and clap,

On my identity, buried;

Given an opportunity, 

All want to play erotically.

Nothing new or wrong with this,

God has played with me,

Nature has played with me,

Even my mother has cheated on me. 

My existence is for others:

Nation, society or humans,

Born to work for others only,

Denied manliness or maternity. 

Abandoned by my own parents,

Immediately after my birth,

Fearing castigated by society,

Starved of breeding and sexual blessings.

Moved to quench all the fits of hunger,

People scorned and chuckled;  

Twisting and shrinking their faces,

Though, not lacking in merit. 

How could I satiate my needs,

Nobody can think of them, 

Have a heart and mind both,

Given a chance to show my worth.

I am neither male nor female.


Man: A Universal Fool

 Can answer to none,

Stands naked facing himself,

Stands by no one else,

Tale narrates man as a fool.


Always moving on the path

Of self-destruction and rot,

With hard fingers and a harsh heart,

A dark flash of hate and gluttony.


Toppling every indication  of humanity,

Dreaming of inaccessible goals,

He axes down his own feet,

Wishing his own salvation.


Inanely tearing down everything,

And breathing in a barren wasteland,

And the polluted and infected world,

Where once gods and angels walked. 


Huge edifices of unholy wealth,

Swayed over bankrupt hope,

Breathes trampled under the power of

A stubborn compulsive ringmaster. 


Demolishes all that is gorgeous and true,

To claims fool's fraction,

He has sneaked into a fool's universe,

He cosies among us all.



Monday, 22 August 2022

गायब उदासियाँ

 अरसे से छाई जिंदगी में परेशानियाँ ,

सारे जगत में फैल गईं उदासियाँ ।


रौनक गायब हुई जब था खौफ तेरा ,

तेरे डर से छाई हवा मै उदासियाँ ।


कोरोना था हम-क़दम और दुष्वारियॉं ,

तो थी राह मै डरावनी उदासियाँ ।


तेरे रहते बहुतेरे खुश भी थे ,

शैतान फेल्चिओं से दूर थी उदासियाँ ।


आनलाइन खुदा के रहमो करम से,

खेल गयीं- झूम गयीं बहकी उदासियाँ ।


ओबीएम खुदा के प्यार के असर से ,

फेकचियौं से डर कर भागी उदासियाँ ।                                            


उदासियों में भी कुछ को ख़ुशी का सबब मिला ,  

नकलचियौं के सामने सहमीं उदासियाँ ।


अफीमचियौं के हक़ में हाथ उठे लाख हाथ ,

चिलम्चियौं की दुआ के असर से डरीं उदासियाँ


सौ में से सौ नम्बर की खुश्बु आई

नम्बरों की इलायची से हूईं गायब उदासियाँ ।


ओ.बी.एम. इम्तहान

 कोरोना दूसरा बाप है सबका ,

खौफ दिखाता है सबको मौत का ।

संसार में आतंक लाने से पहले ,

मारकाट कर मिटाया घमंड चीन का ।


जन्म लेते ही मारा बाप चीन को ,

देश, वायु, पानी और वामियौं को ,

मार कर रुलाया-सुलाया उनको ,  

जीते जी मौत का भय दिखाया उन को।


मौत के आतंक मै भी मद-मस्त, 

उछ्ल कूद रहे थे सारे फेलची,

मिल गया ओबीएम नकलची,

जश्न मना रहे सारे अफीमची । 


नम्बर की बरसात हुई -सौ में सौ ,

फूल गये-झूम गये, सारे चिलमची,

मिला ऑनलाइन खुदा फेकची,

जिसने बनाया गधे को नामची ।


ख़ाईं सबने सौ-सौ इलायची ,

दुनियां को लगने लगी लाल मिर्ची ।

छूट गये पीछे सारे किताबी तोपची ,

इम्तहान बन गये मसखरे शेखची ।

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Half Husband

 She is my spouse sitting beside me coolly,

Looking very ordinary and simple.

Appearing very calm but self-full of hidden arrogance,

Like Narcissus superiority and there sh lives with me.


Designed by parents but people failed simple countenance,

The ignorance and passion hid behind silence,

How such a guise came there? Such stuff

Crafted after a long discussion at the table of joy.


She had a mind too quickly made cheerful,

Too easily impressed by any other man.

My love never got any favour at her breast,

Officious sharks would get her higher.


Attracted towards men and women;

Good or bad un-judged, I know not why;

My love and care of decades-not cared;

Who'd bend to fault this kind of trifling?


Even had one expertise in talk or fooling;

Which I have not—I choose never to fall.

Oh, God! She has less fun with me, 

But more whosoever fools her.


Hark to the family success like the musical rain,

The aggressive woman attracted to the other's acts

The half-read liberated rots,

She attracted to talkative morons.


There we live—As if the happiest and the best.

Taming her through rarity like a storm in oceans,

Only a divine blessing from Lord Krishna,

Can illuminate our hearts and lives. 


The western winds—shooting from divine abode;

Can thrill her soul to beauty and love;

Like a saint taming his ego to zero,

And meditating his inner self with light divine.

Saturday, 16 July 2022

"MeLord is an Honourable Man"


Friends, Indians, Hindus, hark! dark days ahead;                                   

I come to cremate a be-headed dead,                                                                                                                         

A blameless soul, not to protect him.                                                                                                                      

The sin that humans perform lives after death;                                                                                                  

The good is mostly burnt with the bones;                                                                                                                

So let it be with the guiltless soul. The gracious MeLord                                                                                    

Hath blamed that comment from an arrogant woman:                                                                                           

If it were true, it was a dreadful burden,                                                                                                                    

And dreadfully hath blameless soul paid for it.                                                                                                     

He was just performing his Karma,                                                                                                                            

And the brutal dagger guided by brutal ideology:                                                                                                  

Gave him the most unkindest cuts.                                                                                                                        

Here, under umbrella of MeLord and others-                                                                                                            

For Melords are honourable men;                                                                                                                                  

So are they all, all honourable men-                                                                                                                          

But, honourable man should be above suspicion:                                                                                                    

Just like the wife of Caesar.                                                                                                                                              

Come I to mourn in, headless corpse's cremation.                                                                                                        

He was neither my friend nor foe and just human to me;                                                                                         

But MeLord says the spokeswoman was arrogant;                                                                                                  

And MeLord is an honourable man:                                                                                                                               

But, honourable man should be above suspicion:                                                                                              

Just like the wife of Caesar.                                                                                                                                     

She has argued well in many a debates in Delhi                                                                                                  

Whose reasons appreciated by all:                                                                                                                                 

Did this in woman seem arrogance?                                                                                                                           

When one rogue mocks Lord Shiva, she replied from history;                                                                                

Yet rogue was Pardoned and able woman castigated.                                                                                     

Arrogance should be made of mean stuff:                                                                                                             

Yet MeLord says she was arrogant;                                                                                                                              

And MeLord is an honourable man:                                                                                                                             

But, honourable man should be above suspicion:                                                                                                     

Just like the wife of Caesar.                                                                                                                                             

You did see that in Delhi politics,                                                                                                                               

Many a times she fought elections honestly,                                                                                                         

Where she could have misused power: was this arrogance?                                                                                  

Yet MeLord says she was arrogant;                                                                                                                              

And sure, MeLord is an honourable man:                                                                                                                   

But, honourable man should be above suspicion:                                                                                                      

Just like the wife of Caesar.                                                                                                                                             

I pen not to condemn what Melord spoke,                                                                                                                   

But here I am to pen what I feel right.                                                                                                                         

You all did like guiltless gentleman once, for his simplicity:                                                                                    

What fear stops you than, to mourn and speak for him?                                                                                              

O justice! thou reason swayed by violent ideology,                                                                                                  

And justice has lost the reason. Stand with me;                                                                                                               

My heart is in the in the funeral pyre with poor soul,                                                                                                  

And I must wait till the killers and their ideology is wiped out. 


(Based on William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, speech by Marc Anthony)  

Shahrukh and his Dreams

 Shahrukh was the best friend of mine,

We studied together in childhood time,

He was always last in studies and line,

And never cares about the lessons fine.


When asked some questions about history,

He thought it as if was an Arabian mystery,

All laughed at his mess as if he was a jockey,

And I felt distressing for him and sorry.


Some of us became powerful collectors,

More intelligent became surgeons and doctors,

Shahrukh became a time pass jester,

He just wanted to be a Maulana clever. 


The harsh strokes of life and forlorn,

There was no solace for him of any form,

Even the birds and animals have cozy sojourn,

But Shahrukh has no respite from thorns.


We all lost in lives joys and agony,

Some have sunlight, some have tales funny,

Shahrukh sat with his Holy Book on balcony,

No one was there to pull him out of tragedy. 


Shahrukh ooze out now and them to enlighten,

Lamenting about lost days failed to brighten,

After a cup of tea, some gossip and illusion,

All desire him to go as early and forgotten.


For all, Shahrukh and his ideas were crass,

All achieve a little less or more, they brass,  

But Shahrukh lost in his prayers and mass,

That he wanted to fly with Arabian trash.


Always "Do thy Duty because Work is Worship,"

Sluggish army can be routed yet with biggest warship,

Karma is the highest religion and worship,

It can defeat the life's harshest whip.