Tuesday, 24 April 2018


The nation is waiting for the Great man,
It is a big frustration and breakdown;
To the starving and nature crushed,
Rising population and rising poverty;
Sick and slavery; all around.

Rohingya, Bangladesh intruders,
Jihadi terror, Naxal terror,
Encroachment, corruption,
Unemployment, pollution;
Ready to devour the masses.

NGO industry, activism dealership;
Agitation business, freebies politics;
Liberals, tolerant, Award grabbers,
Students, teachers, journals;
All troublemakers and freebies grabbers. .

Humble and decent are unknown;
Shabbily dressed and hair uncombed;
Land sharks, living fearlessly;
Rural and cottage industry dying;
Honest uncared for simple, humble teachings.

Taxpayers and soldiers are sad,
Turn your face, lives writhing on the roads,
Many of his new gospels, annoying the priests,
Turned hostile to the Messiah,
Led him to crucify followers.

 Messiah disciples spread his words,
Through conversion and compassion,
No mercy, no milk of human joys;
Pain and anguish spread far and wide;
Opening the hearts to Divine darkness.
Temples are deserted, hearts are empty;
Emotions turned stony, teachings of the books;
Lost in the noise and forgotten;
Waiting for the light from heaven to fall,
Iconic figures failed to uplift humanity.

The big gates of the country barn,
Must stand open and equipped,
The meadows filled with dried grass,
Must turn into green pastures,
Absorbing all to myself for these lines.

A million bosoms were filled
With fear, scarcity, protection;
Waiting for the times to change,
Freedom, liberty, property and safety;
To be ushered in the nation.


Monday, 23 April 2018

Business of agitations reflect clout more than distress

The tragic rape and murder of an eight years old girl in Kathua, Jammu district, has become a good fodder to the anti-BJP, anti-Modi and of course anti-Hindu fringe groups, who dashed at a very fast speed to cash on the incident. From the streets to Delhi, to Pakistan and even to United Nations, the message reached very fast.
Even perhaps, it was the first time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir, the Chief Minister surrendered; all the powers to a court of law, outside the state and all remained mute, even the notorious separatists and Hurriyat leaders remained silent. This pro-agitation industry re-enacted Gujarat, where very well connected NGO dealers, got all the cases of Gujarat riots, transferred to Mumbai. If such transfer of the case happens, it will be the dilution of ill-conceived Article-370, means implementing the BJP agenda. 
Surprisingly, the crime was committed in January but all the hue and cry started in April. All the accused are demanding a CBI investigation and they are ready for Norco-test. They say that it was illegal intruders from Bangladesh and Rohingya Muslims are responsible for this crime and the Islamic lobbies want to drive out Hindus from Jammu too and bring the demographic changes. 
Significantly, some separatists Muslim activists, communist activists from JNU, media activists etc collected millions and millions, in the name of helping the rape victim and her family. Agitation is a good business for activists and NGOs. For instance, the power with those in the organised agitation industry, widely known as “liberals”, fabricate news from almost nothing is very dangerous. Fake News is defamed, but insubstantial news with a “moral compass” is prized by the elites.
The business of agitations, move beyond Kathua. There is a flood of agitations in the country. A caste agitation also started from Bhima Koregaon village and entire Maharashtra was on caste fire. Rich Dalits, Crypto-Christians, communists, NGOs, professional activists etc all participated in this fire. Embolden by the success in Maharashtra, same elements and other fringe caste elements, organized ‘Bharat Bandh’ and the entire nation were on fire.  Dozens of people died in the riots and large-scale vandalism took place. 
Media gave tremendous coverage to a farmers’ march in Maharashtra last month. Stories were fabricated about farmers’ suicides. But the agitation ended with the agitating farmers demanded waivers of all farm loans and electricity dues. Now the message was large and clear for freebies as in the case of Dalits and Muslims and politicians and activists wooing the farm lobby as their vote banks.
Rising farmer agitations is not going to solve the rural pain. Rather, they reflect high returns to agitations. There is no doubt that farmers and villagers need much more attention and help than Dalits and Muslims. Farm loan waivers have been granted by UP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Punjab. Many states afford free farm electricity. But farmers should not be a tool of blackmailing to opposition parties, media, NGOs, activists, communist thinkers etc. Waiving bank loans will not solve the problems of the farmers. Infrastructure should be developed in the rural areas and more employment and income opportunities should be giving to farmers and villagers.
Similarly, anti-farmers’ law like Rent Control Act, Land Ceiling Act, Chakbadi Act, Land Acquisition Act, Bataidar Ownership Act, etc draconian acts must be scrapped.
The Modi government promises higher food prices to help farmers. This is very good and very necessary but provide law price food to villagers and labourers, for whom cheap food is a blessing.
In India, rural areas represent two-thirds of the population but they hardly get any government support. They have hardly any political clout. The political parties have been falling over one another to woo the Dalit and Muslim vote bank. The fact that social justice mostly benefits caste groups and not poor labourers and farmers are hardly mentioned in media debates.
The public has been wrongly fed with stories of rising farm suicides. But there is nothing special about suicide rates of farmers, and they are not rising. Suicides are not new to the nation. Farmers, students, soldiers, businessmen, wives, husbands etc all are the victim of this disorder. But media, NGOs, activists and left thinkers always try to cash on farmers’ suicides and presents distorted facts. Indian farmers have a lesser suicide rate than non-farmers. It is a matter of shame on such people and groups who try to cash the deaths.
Puducherry, with small agriculture, has the maximum suicide rate among states, followed by Kerala. A study conducted by Anuradha Bose in The Lancet in 2004 established that the suicide rate among Tamil girls aged 10-19 was 148 per lakh people. This is over ten times higher the farm suicide rate, yet the left media keeps farmers suicide in the headlines. Depression and mental disorder are the main reasons for suicides.
Campuses have also in news, not for academic achievements but for agitations by fringe caste, Islamic and left groups. JNU, AMU, Osmania, HcU, Jadhavpur, Film Institute Pune, etc. are plagued with such agitation. Left media created a number of lampoon elements, as national leaders. But hardly anybody knows that agitations are a five star business for politicians, NGOs, activists, left thinkers, media etc. Kathua episode has proved this truth beyond any doubt. This is a golden age for mediocre liberals, NGOs, left thinkers, activists who’ve made an empire on distress and deaths.
The Sangh Parivar has created an environment for its pathological haters that have gifted a unique golden age for self-branded liberals with no merit in the arts, academics or journalism, but who are loyal to some Western missions, Islamic nations, and for which reason their hate industry will promote and reward them.

Saturday, 14 April 2018


Liberated lean and thin Siddhartha in sacrifice,
Renouncing all the pleasures, on a mere little bit of rice,
In deep meditation, in search of a way,
To liberate from suffering and worldly circle.  

An icon of exceptional splendour and youth;
Presents him as biksha a crumb of food.
Out of selflessness and elegance, he accepts it,
Opening a new dawn of enlightenment and wisdom.

The universe unlocks with increasing spheres,
No Jesus or Mohammad arrived to enlighten Siddhartha,
Nor a white-winged Angel or a fairy;
But his deep meditation and enlighten within made him Buddha.

To facilitate him to voice the total Truth,
Of Ahimsa, Karuna, self-discipline,
Of eightfold course of righteousness
To break the fetters of birth, death and rebirth.

Attain Moksha, Nirvana and supreme peace;
Liberate from suffering to enjoy the highest bliss,
And don’t quiver about living and buried souls,
All pains controlled by silence and peace.

Buddha's teachings are to break rituals,
Love all and do not slaughter any creature; 
Put off the killing-clothes, or sharpening the knife;
Renounce superstitions and build bonds between man and man.

But ignorant Ambedkar and Ambedkarites;
Christians and Crypto Christians;
All paid by money launderers or guided by interests,
Cloned a Neo-fake Buddha of hate and jealousy. 

Sold Buddha to the dirt of hate and caste; 
Looking him under their boot-soles and sick mind;
Hardly know what he meant and taught;
Need to filter and fibre their blood.

Failed to fetch him and his message,
Missed his love and compassion,
Used him to defame Hindus and Hinduism,
To grab power, wealth and what not.

Friday, 13 April 2018


When sin increases like disease and lust grows,
When the truth is ill-treated and honesty starved of,
When for a drop of milk a child cries,
When a sinner busts the seal of chastity,
When the sky is darkened with sins of humans,
When the water in the rivers is stopped flowing,
When cows are slaughtered and beef is eaten;
It is certainly a land of sinners and signals doomsday.
Where is the promised and holy land?
O Krishna! Descend your Avatar on the land:
Piteous eyes stare for bliss for compassion,
To get liberated from cruelty and throw out terror,
To mitigate the rough hearts to soften,
To enlighten the intellect and soul,
To widen the spheres of wisdom and knowledge;
To shower mercy, compassion and love,
To hold the pleasing world with love,
And walk with the masses and the sufferers.
Alas! The sky thunders with lightning and sound,
But no sign of splendour and majesty,
To take birth in a humble family of cow lovers,
Nurturing ‘Kamadhenu’, ‘Shyama’ and ‘Gauri’,
To deliver milk, butter and manure to the earth,
To usher an era of happiness and fulfilment;
To protect and bless the sad humanity,  
To wipe out the lust, greed and farce;
To protect and honour every ‘gopica’ and ‘bhakta’;
With grace, beauty, joy, peace;
Ultimately eternal ‘Shanti’ and ‘Moksha’.
Lit every heart with ‘Prem’ and ‘jyoti’,
Colour every hand with ‘Mehadi’,
Fill every woman with love and ‘Kumkum’,
Descend down to wipe out the sins and evils.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Woes of a Brahmin

Thanks, repression for recognising our labour, otherwise reformists had reduced our work to pick-pickers (like rag pickers). This great nation has ‘Freedom of abuse’ and supported by human right groups, NGOs, secularists, socialists, communists, Islamist, Missionaries, liberal-tolerant brigade, ‘tukde-tukde-gang, award wapsi gang and etc etc.

Yes, people brand me high caste whose puja-Ghar is his bungalow and divine space. We can't afford huge government grant like NGOs and branded university-based farce of activism. Whomever I share my learned messages, my messages face the slur of abuses, mockery and above all Untouchability. Not a single activist touches them. This is the phenomenon of left-centre-right, human right groups, NGOs, secularists, communists, Islamist, Missionaries, liberal-tolerant brigade, ‘tukde-tukde-gang, award wapsi gang and etc etc.

And my abusers are five-star people, who are trained in secularism, socialism, communism, social justice, activism,  human rights, NGOs, Jihad, Missionaries, liberal-tolerance, ‘tukde-tukde-gang terror, award wapsi riots and a whole lexicon of such notorious terms. This language came into existence with the independence and for decades, the nation could not understand these hate preachers branded as researchers, teachers and professors.

In our community and caste, knowledge is everything. The Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is always in our dreams, we never thought of hate, violence, discrimination and abuses. We only smiled and blessed whenever our Holy Thread (Janeu) was broken or our Gods and books were insulted.
Even Marx too did not come from that book-blessing family, so, he too was not aware of the way we used language.

We used so many languages:  Dance, Music, Drums, Tandav, Books, Mantras, Slokas, Flutes, Water, Soil, Animals, Birds, Grains, Fruits, and Sweets etc to give the message of love, secularism, justice, non-violence, tolerance and above all the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. We intermingled with these and we never harmed even an ant.

On the other side, people on rightist or leftist, higher caste or low caste, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, barbarians or civilized, naxals or Jihadis; cultivated a tongue that was of a deal, negotiation and hate part of their family line of work.  They may be even cobblers, butchers, shepherds, traders, Masons, mehtars, blacksmiths, barbers etc., but we have been always poorly paid for the services, we do. But even today we failed to learn the tricks of the world, and we don't believe in abandoning our books for any more hate and biased book.

We are still at a loss if there is any likelihood or feeling of true appraisal left for us. It seems nation has in numerous but distorted academic registers, which viciously access each other but leave such fuzzy facts behind that no one else can get a positive view about what we did to other as a community of owning and retaining a register.

Althusser truly says Language is War. We, humans, have been cramped to one 'printable' language so fanatically after the invention of the printing device and became the slave of the printing press as the mediated statement in the academic world in last one thousand years, where all our native languages have been abused.

We were brought up in so many cultures; 'human culture' was always the first for us. Invaders and colonial masters brought our other cultures, but each one naturally was inferior to our culture, why to be confined with just one and only one linguistic book or culture written by some Tom, Dick and Harry which suffer from a serious problem of mono-centrism. Nothing more can be said. We are combating hostilities of doing and undoing of our past and future only to protect our culture, and ourselves others are just pawns and slaves. No secularism, no democracy, no tolerance, no non-violence. Just endgame.
There are many among the reserved castes, who have been grabbing all the benefits and freebies given in the name of social justice, and have been grabbing their opportunistic design forcefully, efficiently. However, what about those who have not seen or known this free-loot? So many power-hungry reserved caste citizens have sold their soul to power and greed, and damaging the social fibre of the society and nation and even humanity, by collaborating with some savage forces that reduced their comrades to slavery.

Such looters are the cruellest robbers. Here, an incident was highly appropriate to mention. When Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president of America, his father was a shoemaker. And, obviously, insensitive people were very much hurt that a shoemaker’s son should become the president.

On the first day, as Abraham Lincoln stood to give his first address, just in the middle, a man stood up. He was a very wealthy neo-rich, created by the freebies economy. He said, “ Mr Lincoln, you should not forget that your father used to make shoes for my family.” In addition, the entire Senate laughed; they thought that they had made a fool of Abraham Lincoln.

However, some people are made of a completely unusual grit. Lincoln looked at the man straight in the eye and said, “Sir, I know that my father used to make shoes for your family, and there will be many here who cannot make shoes the way he made. He used ideas brilliantly. He was a creator. His shoes were not just shoes; he poured his whole soul into them. “Have you any complaint”? Because I myself know to make shoes. If you have any complaint, I can make you a new pair of shoes. However, as far as I know, nobody has ever found fault in my father’s shoes. He was a genius, a grand creator and I am proud of my father”. There was pin-drop silence in the Senate. They failed to realize what kind of man Abraham Lincoln was. He was proud because his father did his job so well, with so much zeal, such a passion, and faultless.

It is not an issue what you do. What matters is how you perform – of your own knowledge, with your own visualization, with your own perfection. Then whatever you do becomes the best. Our excellence and creativity are abused.

We have been facing treacherous assumptions, like quotas, reservations, abuses, reforms etc, may not fit lots of we, religious and cultural teachers working for centuries in silence and suffocation. Isn't the life mode you recommended for teachers? Who wiped out Brahmans in Kashmir in particular and in many parts of India in general? One-day people will try to find barren land in a wasteland. Nobody will stop for them. As birds left the barren land, knowledge also disowns those who do not preserve and respect it. Then people will be the birds of barren habitation. Does life carry on in such ecology?

'Our morals are dead' and it must be a general way of life, not for this secular nation. Votes and elections is one area, which gives attention to religion, caste, gender, language-nation has become data recorded, without merit and knowledge like online web technologies collection. We have now learnt to work and survive in a hostile climate. We have acclimatized ourselves in this climate. Fortunately, there we had seen hundreds of such races around the world. Moreover, that memory helps us to survive.

It also revived a feel for my ancestors who survived the onslaught of invaders, colonial masters and missionaries. We were jobless in millions when the vote-bank colonisers brought caste-ism and communalism in the form of quotas and reservation. Our Holy Thread (Janeu), Knowledge Shikha (Choti ), Saffron Attire, Holy Books etc are become mocked and insulted. Our Holy places are either razed or encroached. People visit the lands of invaders and colonial masters but not their revered land. Isn’t a destruction or development? A disastrous invasion and colonization by quotas and reservation. It divides people.  A colonial dis-order and disaster that deserves, India’s immediate attention.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

मुर्झाते रिश्ते

कोई कहता है, कि सेहत खराब है,
कोई कहता है, कि समय नही है,
कोई कहता है, कि काम बहुत है,
कोई कोई कहता है, कि पत्नी बीमार है,
पर कोई जालिम नहीं कहता है,
कि रिश्ते के फूल मुर्झा गये हैं।

पहले जो दिनभर साथ दौडृते, खेलते थे,
अब साथ चलने मै भी थकने लगे हैं,
पहले जो प्रेम्‌ प्यार के खत लिखते थे,
अब वकिलॉ से वसीयत लिखवा रहे हैं,
पर कोई जालिम नहीं कहता है,
कि रिश्ते के फूल मुर्झा गये हैं।

कोई लोन की किश्तॉ की चिंता मे डृबा हुआ है,
तो कोई हेल्थ टैस्ट की चिंता मे डृबा हुआ है,
कोई बच्चॉ के स्कूल की फीस की चिंता मे डृबा हुआ है,
तो कोई हास्पिटल के बिल की चिंता मे डृबा हुआ है,
पर कोई जालिम नहीं कहता है,
कि रिश्ते के फूल मुर्झा गये हैं।

फुर्सत ही फुर्सत है, पर समय ही नही है,
घर भरा पडा है, पर चेहरे पर गम ही गम हैं,
जेब भरी रहती हैं, पर ऑखॉ सूनी रहती हैं, 
भीडृ ही भीडृ मॅ,सब अकेले पडॅ रहते हैं,
पर कोई जालिम नहीं कहता है,
कि रिश्ते के फूल मुर्झा गये हैं।

Monday, 2 April 2018


Love demands a shared tune, 
And respect deep for each one’s space,
Love is like total surrender to God,
And love is to worship HIM.

In love, there is no moan, complaint or nag,
Surrender to the is occurring around willingly;
Body and life withers and dissolves with time and age;
One needs to accept bones, creaky and tongue, flavourless.

The upsetting bowels; the losing memory, the tiredness,
The nervousness, the sleeplessness and the poor sight;
Reaching the sphere, informed by rainbows in a dark night;
And feeling the cold-freezing hands of Yamraj.

The past trial flakes my psyche,
With full of meaning laments and grieves gulping me,
My soul moans and craves for liberation,
I desire for total silence, calm and relief.

Liberated from taunts, slurs worldly yokes,
Unknown tomorrow, dead yesterday
Don’t fret about those moments which can’t be replayed,
Gone is gone, bygone is bygone.

Man is neither an earth nor an add-on of an earth,
He is a body and escort of life, all just as mortal and ending;
Life has a span for itself and its own, for me mine male and female,
Undrape! Man is not guilty to anyone, nor stale nor discarded.

The soul is around, firm, acquisitive, untiring, and cannot be dazed away;
It sleeps in its cradle and lifts the gauze and look a long time;
Soul witness the corpse with its dabbled hair,
And notes where the life has fallen.

O Soul, go back to the abode of stillness and leave this decaying body,
Mournful and hungry world: complaining and crying souls;
Embrace eternal love and memories sweet;
Nothing is permanent all is bound to dissolve.