Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Journey of a Soldier

Martyred soldier in a coffin,
Draped in tricolour,
Resting in the War Memorial,
Preparing for the last assault.

Tattered uniform and ranks,
Cut off membranes and battered body;
Nerved stitched and wrapped in bags,
Thickened with mud and freeze in ice.

Out of life and fractured bones;
Of lifeless body, twisted and loose wings,
Powerless, the drooping fingers of worthless hands,
The skin, flesh, cloth, one colour and one texture. 

Eyes cannot see,
Tongues cannot speak,
Ears cannot hear,
Sightless, voiceless and breathless.

Shroud wet with blood,
Tremble in the wind of pain and gloom;
Struggling to cover the corpse,
A dead soldier is a million brutalities of Jihadists.

Here lie those, who died for their land and people;
Shed not your tears on them, they will never die;
Pray for God, they are sons of the motherland;
Fought against death and hugged death with a smile.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

A golden era for second-rate Fake liberals

This is a golden era for second-rate and fake liberals who’ve made an empire by cashing on the agony of the people. They describe the UPA regime as “best times”. Their high objectives were easier to accomplish before difficult era arrived and made life difficult, chiefly by exposing their games. But if we glance around our times honestly we will see some phenomena that demonstrate our age as more honest than the past, events that the coming generations will probably smile at for their almost designed manipulations. Now UPA era achievers have become full-time activists and dissent mongers albeit paid.

A communist activist group called The Wire wrote a story that was chiefly copied from the public records of the Registrar of Companies. The Wire people claim to be journalists but it is a communist website and group consists of anti-BJP communist activists. 

The story tried to insinuate the BJP president Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah, had grabbed loans for his company only because he was a high-ranking man. The Wire twisted it as a work of outstanding, courageous, and investigative journalism, although it was a farce. Jay Shah sued The Wire for criminal defamation, which exposed to the website’s hollow claim.

The story proves something that is going on in this lie industry where care for social backwards gives a variety of activists the excuse to reward rich dividends to mediocrity, liberals, activists and secularists.
The initiative that the rich must care for the poor is a very paying concept. It is their most important discovery. In the promotion of this, some names have become very prominent. Prashant Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal, Yogendra Yadav, Ramchandra Guha, Arun Dhiti Roy, Medha Patekar, Teesta Setelwad etc are some of the prominent names which are the icons of this trade. Mainly, the liberal enterprise is a shelter for ordinary talent that comes to cash the pain and disturbances.

Compassion is, in its central part, a way of assimilation, of sentiment and understanding human pain. Today it is used as a process of earning. The best writers and other kinds of artists use empathy to create and sell art. Now, the exhibition and use of empathy is the best art. Such a broadcast of graciousness has become a support for many who are imperfect in talent that is important to their stated orb of activity — among them lawyers, writers, artists, NGO owners, journalist, etc who are not recognized for their talent, but for their artificial compassion. They hunt for asylum too early in social work because they are incompetent to face the challenges of real life.

An entire generation of young writers and artists is budding up in the cult of activism, where the truly talented and appealing get nothing because they are not expert in the marketing of compassion. Real art does not seek easy crutches of activism.

This industry has elevated problems as the most important aspects of our nation. Their arrogance and neglect, which they intensify, are often frivolous but they make them as national and people’s issues. This makes them as a subject of laughter who can see from beginning to end the farce. Actually, they hate liberalism but they sell their leadership. As they know, there is no such thing as freedom of expression in their theatre. Their vigilante liberalism, like fanaticism, is a danger and threat to free speech.

Rights and freedoms of a person in a liberal democracy must be protected to facilitate him to accomplish his full potential. It also ensures free and fair exchange of views and thoughts on a national stage, both by prominent and unknown persons. But the right to free expression and speech is all about providing safety to individuals and allow them to convey their views without fear and threat.

Everybody is entitled to his or her view. So are those who listen or read anything.
What is essential in a democracy is that there should not be a violent opposition or suppression. Over the period of time, the principles of free speech have changed. But now liberals are as fanatics as fanatics are. Both ruthlessly attack the individuals or groups who do not support or believe in their views. The government, which is legally voted into office, has to defend free speech, but often threatened by fanatics and liberal vigilantes as well.

Visualize Ram Rahim or Asa Ram Bapu getting acquitted of rape charges by the court like Mahmood Farooqui by a high court. The liberals and the tolerant would have condemned the judge in the most vociferous manner as an obscurantist who is against the foundation of gender justice as they all shouted in the Jessica Lal murder case. In Farooqui's case, the entire liberal group remained silent. Similarly, the nation also did not hear liberals using free speech to question a similar judgment from another court granting bail to Tarun Tejpal of The Tehelka. Discriminatory use of the right to free speech by liberals has rather harming the cause of free speech just like the hate speech by fanatics to criticize the opponents.

Liberals and tolerant filed petitions in the Supreme Court in support of giving all the rights and facilities to illegal Rohingya Muslim intruders but these elements remained silent when Hindus were driven out from Kashmir by Muslim extremism. They also remained silent when Hindus were driven out from Kairana, Dasna, Mallapuram, Malda etc places. Even the left-oriented journalists, Islamist, NGOs; activists etc also came openly in support of foreign Rohingya Muslim intruders. 

Liberals and their rioting tribe also pressurize all the governments and authorities to give citizenship to illegal intruders from Bangladesh. This divisive act is also the agenda of their free speech. But they are not worried about the interest of the people of Assam. Massive invasion of Bangladeshis over the last six decades has dangerously changed the demographic composition of not only Assam but Bengal too. They are also a big danger to their culture.

It is very easy to determine right or wrong when two disagreeing groups apply their rights to free speech. For them, the nation stands nowhere but the cult of NGO dealership and the flow of money from dubious sources are most important.

There is a mutual duty of everybody not to disturb with the freedom of others. Each is allowed to the self-respect of person and of reputation. Nobody has a right to degrade others' right. Therefore, freedom of speech and expression is stood so long as it is not hateful or defamatory to nation, society and individual.

So it is also the freedom of authorities to cultivate and ensure logical and peaceful public discussion so that the public good should be the outcome of free speech in the nation and society. If freedom of speech or expression was fallacious and as thoughtless, the speaker or the author loses the shield of the constitutional right.