Friday, 31 May 2019

Glittered world

A group of young men and women bathing by the sea beach,
A group of young men and women and all very friendly;
Long and fabulous life and all very lonesome.

She was the heir of a huge villa in the high-rise of a cosmopolitan, 
She has vaults full of richly, expensive and fashionable brands. 

Which of the handsome men does she find irresistible the most?
Alas! The homeliest of them all is most loving to her. 

Surprised, what is your choice, my dear beautiful woman?
You dash in the waves in a bikini,
Yet you keep stock homely in your heart.

Drinking, dancing, along the beach came the drunk bather,
Nobody could see her, but she saw them all and pined to love them.

The curls of the fashionable men and women flashing wet,
It dropping from their designer hair black, 
The small brook flowing all over their scantily clad bodies smooth.

An unfamiliar woman also entered in their group,
Her hands moving from their wet temple and ribs.

The young men and women lay on their backs,
Their bright bodies bathing to the sun, 
Unmindful, who touches them or seizes tight to them,
They have no idea who blow them,
Or hugs them with the locket and rounding arms,
They do not mind who they cover with their spew.

I loaf enjoying their game and jumble up and break-up,
Faithful devotees offering their Friday prayers donning skull cap,
All were warming their twisted eyes, on the blissful cluster.

I followed the playful group, from the sea beach to the hotel suite,
The supple steep of their waists dances even with their trained arms,
Far in the church the bell swings, far so dim, far so confident,
They were not in a hurry, each man and woman hit in their place.


The poor man that drives the rough and tough lorry, 
Sturdy and large he remains cool on the wheel of the heartless-engine.
His black t-shirt describes his full neck, chest, and grip over the steering,
His fleeting-hawk look is cool and powerful,
He flings the ends of his towel away from his eyes and forehead,
The sunlight drops on his hard curly hair and moustache,
Warms his rugged body and sturdy limbs.

He is unconcerned about life wherever driving,
To the rear as well as frontward sluing,
To forte to the side and junior winding, not a self or aim lost,
The lorry that flusters the burden and fetter or stops in the thriving shadow,
What is that you communicate in your deep, tiring eyes?
It appears too much more than all the books I have studied in my existence.
My crush jolts the unnerved and untiring trip on my far and daylong roam,
The driver and the lorry move together, gradually cover the distance.

I salute in those wheeled purposes,
And give determination, energy, speed, and discipline within me,
And get all the pleasures and success and the tufted crown planned,
And never hurt anybody, worthless because it is not incredible else,
And the layers in the ways never calculated the range,
Yet vibrates appealing well to me,
And the gaze of the yelling officer shames the shameless out of man. 


Eat, drink, loaf and be marry on government funds openly,
Everyone enjoying symposium rides socially and politically;
No work and stress from top to boss permanently,
In the evening no time limit to gloss or cross nervously.
Free to bunk the classes and duties shamelessly,
Boost about merit and work aggressively.
Can miss out post lunch sessions easily and politely,
Scores of delegates take a nap silently or stealthily.

Unmindful paper readers wake them scarily or rarely;
In seminars and conferences all, react fake and politely.
Theme or topics have no relevance and importance educationally,
Food, links and amusement most potent weapons naturally,
Trophies, gifts and freeloading make conference great academically;
In difficult presentations, everybody is late accidentally or genuinely.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Conversion industry

The known hawks pounce by and blame me,
They nag of my faith and my books.
The final scud of light seizes back for me,
It hurls my rendering after the break
And proper as any on the shadowed untamed,
It charms me to the haze and the twilight.
I listened to their actions flouting the sticking of the furniture,
By the swayed half-door of the restroom,
I saw them floppy and pathetic,
And gave fresh water and filled buckets for their stinking body and tired feet,
And gave them a shelter that attached from my own,
And gave them clean clothes,
And keeping in mind faultlessly well their spinning eyes and their ineptness,
And bear in mind laying layers on their face and eyes;
I had them eat next to me at the temple, my pious fire still lit in the centre.
They settled with me a month before they were convalesced and converted.
Conversion is a highly paying religion.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Save rivers: Avoid a grave water crisis

Rivers are the lifeline of India. Indians civilization, it's ancient and big cities are situated and developed on the banks of the rivers. All the ancient Indian civilization resides on the banks of the river. The banks of the rivers have been bearing the population pressures and development necessities have resulted in neglectful exploitation of our rivers and ground waters. There is hardly any planning, deliberate neglect of the rivers have led to this serious situation. The natural link between rivers, nature and people has been disturbed. India is heading for a serious water crisis and we need a corrective measure to come out of this crisis.
Around 80% of water is used in irrigation followed by drinking needs, industry and energy sector. There is only rivers and groundwater to meet these requirements. On the demand side, remedial steps like river linking, construction of dams, check dams, and promoting rainwater-harvesting systems must be stepped up. Remedial measures needed urgently.
The per capita water accessibility is declining at a very fast rate in India. In 1951, this was 5177 cubic meters, which in 2011 declined to 1545 cubic meters. This is against the worldwide threshold for water strain attached at 1700 cubic meters. According to the National Institute of Hydrology study, India uses utilizable per capita water accessibility at presently 938 cubic meters in 2010 and anticipates this to fall to 814 cubic meters by 2025.
The best and the easiest solution proposed to revitalize rivers is their interlinking so that surplus rainy water in one river can be channelized to another. The science and technology behind this is very easy and positive. The present BJP government appears very enthusiastic to start such useful engineering achievements. The work has already started on Rs 18,000 crore Ken-Betwa interlinking project. India has hundreds of rivers, so this interlinking scheme can solve all the water shortages.
Second, dams should be built on rivers to save them. Without dams, a river dies. Hindon river of Ghaziabad, Kali Nadi of Bulandshahr, Kwari Nadi of Etah, Sot river, Bagad river, Cholas river of Hapur-Garh, Mithi river of Mumbai, Vrishabhavathi river of Bangluru, Cooum river and Adyar river of Chennai have almost vanished because there is no dam on these rivers and these rivers are not recharged by interlinking with other rivers. Catchment areas, riverbanks, wetlands are critical catchment areas for rain-fed rivers but they are all encroached. It's best to remove all the encroachments from these areas to recharge the rivers.
The government must make it mandatory for all the industries, offices, houses and farmers to build a rainwater harvesting system on their land. This technology will recharge and purify the groundwater.
Indus Water Treaty with Pakistan is very harmful to the interest of the nation. This treaty must be scrapped. If this treaty is scraped and rivers are interlinked, the problem of water shortage in the Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and UP will be solved for hundreds of years. 
It is also a very good suggestion of the Rally for Rivers campaign to reserve a one-kilometre-wide belt along with riverbanks for generating tree cover and recharge of the rivers. Massive tree plantation of desi and native trees like Bunyan, peepal, neem, pilkhan, Sheesham, mango, guava, jamun, shahtoot, etc should be taken on the riverbanks. There must be planning devoted to firm up tree cover along the rivers, which would deliver environmental, social, food, employment and economic benefits. The more responsibility is on state governments as water is a state subject. Act now or get ready for dry future and desertification.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Ghaziabad sucks

Ghaziabad is the biggest, oldest and most populous city of the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. But seeing the preference index of the people Ghaziabad is at the bottom of all the cities. With Gurugram on the top, followed by Noida, Faridabad, Sonepat, Ghaziabad, undoubtedly is the last choice of the people as well as investors.

The heart will sink in utter frustration when one sees the complete encroached main roads, mostly by the traders, causing heavy traffic jams. This traffic jam is also responsible for air pollution and dust pollution which makes the city the most polluted place to live. There is a heaviness in the air. Nobody is concerned about the gravity of the problem to be so drab. This pollution is rising rapidly It pains to note that the Indian sub-continent has now earned the notoriety of having the highest number of polluted cities in the world that breathes the filthiest air.

The government and the administration are doing it’s best but the citizens are highly uncooperative and unconcerned. Ghaziabad which is situated about 25kilometers north-east from the seat of the Indian national government has an average very poor air quality index — which the US Environmental Protection Agency regards as fit and healthy. This may experience more serious health problems in the coming years.
While air pollution is responsible for the premature death of about seven million lives worldwide every year, India has been facing one of the most serious environmental challenges in its atmospheric history. People are hardly interested in planting and protecting the trees, green areas and forests. Most of the plantations drives are only in files.
About 80 Indians lose their lives every day to air pollution. Air pollution is the major cause of diseases such as heart ailments, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and respiratory problems. Even crops are also infected in the fields itself by air pollution. The figure of the deceased will only swell and its escalation effects to the in general well-being of the people and economy of the nation will be in dire trouble if this avoidable problem is not addressed in time.
Everybody knows that air pollution creates an imbalance in the natural gases that make up the atmosphere of Earth. This unevenness abet in the reduction of the Ozone layer, a vital area of the stratosphere that soaks up most of the sun’s injurious and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.
One of the major culprits behind air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels like oil and gas. In traffic jams the quantity os this is increased many a time. Vehicles in the city, dust pollution due to unplanned construction and urbanization, traffic jams, depleting of green areas and water bodies etc. have further plagued the city of Ghaziabad, which is otherwise tranquil and beautiful with historic tourist sites and has a prospect of becoming a major tourist, financial, health, education and technology hub due to its closeness with the nation’s capital city of New Delhi.
Only if the authorities implement better ways of transportation, almost half of the air pollution problems will be solved. Emissions from vehicles are the major factor in air pollution. When authorizes don’t disciple the rogue drivers to minimize the traffic jams. Encroachments must be removed ruthlessly that is also responsible for traffic jams which increases the emissions; the quantity of pollution in the air freely increases. Authorities should introduce a public transportation system, reducing the number tempos and autos that could help the city enjoy better air quality.
Ghaziabad is famous for the mythological Hindon river. But now this holy river is turned into a dirty water mala (drain) due to the encroachment on the river land and river catchment areas. This is also a reason for the reason for toxic air pollutants. The encroachments from the river banks, water catchment areas, wetlands, water bodies must be removed. Dams should be constructed on the Hindon River. This will naturally increase the green areas and control dust pollution.
The place of India is third in the emission of greenhouse gases, with the United States and China, being first and second. The life expectancy among Indians on an average reduces by 3-4 years due to the severity of air pollution while it reduces 6.3 years among the residents of Delhi.
Millions of vehicles are operated on a daily basis in the NCR Delhi region alone. And Ghaziabad is a round-the-clock thoroughfare for a lot of such vehicles that leave the filthy smoke. A large number of desi and native trees like Peepal, burgud, mango, neem, Sheesham, pilkhan, jamun, shahtoot etc should be planted on the roadsides and river banks to improve the air quality.
People should co-operate with the authorities to address this issue. The people of Ghaziabad need to realize the seriousness of this problem to their own health and help from their sides. The local authorities can force the developers, builders, and construction companies to stringently follow green building norms, among others. Local residents could stop cutting of trees and they can plant more trees instead and harvest rainwater.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

My Mother

My mother respired in me
She gave her blood, her flesh
Her bones, her love and all.
She burnt herself and her candle of love
Till her final call by the divine.
Calling me by her side when she started her journey.
Her gigantic love, surrender and sacrifice,
Unassuming nature and endurance are unparalleled.
Grown in her splendour, in her affection and devotion.
She has dwarfed the light of Sun, Moon, and stars.
My spirit has now blended in her.
May her spirit settle in me forever and forever.


Menstruation is near, it’s near,
Menstruation oh so dear, so dear.
Menstruation is not a forbidden shame, 
But passage to blessed motherhood gain. 
It is a period of proud sharing,
Need love and caring.
During this period, a woman must cheer,
An occasion for her good care to steer.
From food and drink, she attains,
Gleam this gift is put on gains.
Eat all the energetic and nutritious food, 
Throughout the periods, be in a happy mood. 
Women all over the globe most prized,
Rewards after this course multiplied. 
Eyes of the world will open up wide,
Looking at all those rewards ride.  
Leads a woman to perfection,
It makes a sequence of completion.
Gives time to celebration,
Aims at sustainable expansion.
It grants space to freedom,
It is an event never to be forgotten.


I was at home but not alone,
My mother was just in the next room,
My sister was in her room,
Her music exploding through my eardrum.
Tip-toe; tip-toe; my friend sneaked into my room,
I was lost high and dry.
My thighs were closed tightly,
She used her cute hands to unzip my trousers.
I cried no and pushed her off me again and again.
I cried no, she forced me down.
I cried no and cried.
She choked me to silence my yells.
I tried to push and to get away.
Fearing the presence of my family,
I finally stopped resisting
And let her finish her forced lovemaking.
Scary and chilling,
I shuddered in the bathroom.
I cried no, I cried no, I cried no.
She cooked me without flames,
Wounded me with her scaring love,
Played havoc with my emotions,
Either you marry me
Or give me loads of bucks,
Or be ready to face Dark Laws.
I curse that black day,
The day, she uttered ‘I love you.’
The fire and fear still burns,
The black and blue,
My whole existence,
My body and soul,
Mentally and physically. 
I’ll never surrender,
And I’ll tell the other Mentoo,
Because all must be careful and warned,
Of woman just like her.

हमारा गाजियाबाद

वो मई-जून की शाम,
और वो घंटाघर का ट्रेफिक जाम्।
वो हिंडन नदी की हवा,
और वो नई-बस्ती की दवा।
वो तुराब नगर की शापिंग,
और वो बस-अड्डा की हीटींग्।
वो लोहिया पार्क का नज़ारा,
और वो कैला-भट्टा का सड़ा माज़रा।
वो दुकनदारों के कब्जों से सुकड़्ती सड़्कें,
जहॉ वो ना जाने कितने लोग लुढ्के?
वो सड़्कों पर नमाज़ पड़्ते नमाज़ियों का आचार,  
और प्रशासन की मीठी नींद का विचार्।
वो लोकनाथ की लस्सी,
और पंडित ढाबे की मिस्सी।
वो गांधी की रायता-कचौड़ी,
और वो किशन की टिक्की-पकौड़ी।
वो गंगनहर का चटनी-सेंडविच्। ,
और वो मोहन भोग का फलूदा-समोसा।
वो मिशन स्कूलों की पढाई,
और वो फुट्पाथ की मिठाई।
वो दुधेश्वर धाम के भक्तों का हजूम,
और वो घंटाघर के हनुमान मंदिर का जनून
ये हैं खट्टी-मीठी यादें,
कुछ ऐसी हैं हमारे गाज़ियाबाद के बातें